Saturday, December 26, 2015

Evolution Replaced by Aliens?

I have become concerned about the direction creation science has been turning into more and more. Even Henry Morris was worried that creation science was being turned back toward the Gap Theory. And now consensus science has filtered into mainline creation science, where only the elite PhDs can rule what is to be believed, like to Priests of the Temple. They warn against the Long Ranger creationists.

Years ago I warned Walter Lang founder of Bible Science that Darwinian evolution was dying out being replaced by Theistic Evolution in preparation for the invasion of demonic beings during the Tribulation Period. More and more evolutionists are secretly turning from atheistic philosophy of Darwinism to Von Danikenism (One modern founder was the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the man who was funded by the Illuminati Rockefeller to create the Piltdown and Peking fossil hoaxes) an occult New Age philosophy. The Bible warns that in the last days men would turn back toward belief in Seducing Spirits and Doctrine of Demons. The Illuminati say their greatest secret is that there beliefs will be called New when they are Ancient. These New Age beliefs origin was with Nimrod/Semiramus’ Mysteries of Isis spread from the Tower of Babel. It is becoming popular with the public to believe in UFOs and now Ancient Astronaut theory is becoming dominant. This coincides with the rise of Greek culture Paganism warned about by Ken Ham. Ken Ham is doing a great work, but he appears to have forgotten that the Answer is NOT in Genesis, it is in Revelation. Genesis is the origin, the first Adam, Revelation and other prophetic books are the Answer in the New Testament the New Adam. Most creation leaders are looking backward and are not looking where they are going. We need to present both the past and the future.

Many creationists, including creation scientists are still looking backward toward Genesis and have forgotten Revelation and Bible Prophecy. The key prophecy as a sign of the end is the physical return of the Jews to Israel which happened on May 15th 1948. Since then we have been in the final count down, because the Bible tells us this will mark the final generation who would have some representative who would see the return of Jesus to this earth!

Back to Genesis has been building a Disneyland for creationism. Now the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) is doing the same. I think this is a great method to reach the scientifically blind who do not know that no one can be good or see the truth without weighing the facts in the scales of the Authorized King James Bible.

ICR is building a museum to reach the next generation. Now what is wrong with that? The key is the next generation. We need to concentrate and prepare the present generation for the soon return of Jesus. We are living in the last generation!

We need to warn people that all it takes is one lie, or one stolen object, or one evil act to condemn us to Hell for eternity. Only Jesus can help us escape. To escape Satan’s coming world government and an eternity tortured in Hell you must accept the free gift of Salvation by accepting Jesus as your Savior, read the Authorized King James Bible (Preferably the Henry Morris Study Bible which makes it easy to understand), repent of all your sins and turn from them, and try to help save other people teaching them what you have learned. The other night I though about each evil thing I had done in my life and asked forgiveness. Un-saved people think this is hard, but it isn’t, you are only giving up what causes bad things to happen in this world, replacing them with love and kindness, and understanding. Isn’t it better to help someone, rather than to kill and destroy, and go through the torture of revenge? What is sin? It is anything that hurts yourself, hurts others, hurts animals, ignores God, destroys God’s creation, or makes the world a worse place. To make a better world we need to think of others, not just ourselves. Satan has made people think some things that are not sin to be sin, to make it appear to be impossible to be good. If we learn to love what God created we will be happier and make the world a better place. If we want to truly get ahead and improve our lives, we must first help other to do this. By stealing lying and killing living things we make the world worse for ourselves and everyone else.

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