Friday, December 11, 2015

Detailed Analysis of Presidential Candidates

All Democrats are socialists/Communists who are forcing us into the New World Order creating a Marxist world government opposed to freedom, the Constitution, and the Bible under The Roman/Jewish Antichrist. Both Obama and Hillary are disciples of Socialist Globalist Saul Alinsky who wrote Rules for Radicals.
As for the Republican candidates, they have been coming out of the walls from everywhere to swamp us with confusing political rhetoric. Many are Neo-Conservative traitors. Let’s analyze each one:

Jeb Bush: He is a son of George H.W. Bush, and brother of George W. Bush both members of the Illuminati death society called Skull and Bones and a supporter of the New World Order of Antichrist along with Communist Mikhail Gorbachev. Jeb is no doubt a member of Skull and Bones also. He is Pro-Life on Abortion except for rape, mentally defective mothers, and minors. However the Bible teaches thou shalt not kill. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger would agree, she wanted to kill off all unwanted, deformed, and all inferior races especially all blacks. She blamed the God for over population (A speculative theory contradicted by the Bible and logic. God would not give us a shortage of resources. They are caused by man or are a hoax) She hates the Bible which said, “be fruitful and multiply” and wants to reverse the trend. She wrote to Clarence Gamble president of Eugenics Research Association (Eugenics research started by Hitler to improve the evolution of man by selective breeding and killing or sterilizing those considered inferior by the Illuminati). Clarence was the grandson of one of the founders of Proctor and Gamble (big pharmaceutical producing medical drugs for 30 to 50 thousand % profit, by bribing Congressmen. And most of these drugs have harmful side effects) who uses a Satanic logo. In her letter Margaret said to Mr. Gamble, “…the Negro population…” was becoming aware of the plan to, “exterminate” certain races. Back to Jeb Bush, he wants to co-operate with Communist China with better relations. A nation that will attack Israel in the near future, according to Bible prophecy, and is upsetting our economy and cyber attacking our computer systems. Jeb says foreign aid is a tool to manipulate foreign countries to accept a world government. As for Obama Care he claims he doesn’t like it but Conservatives need to allow it to happen without interference. We need to spend more on protecting our borders. And we need to E-verify every person seeking a job. (Jeremy: Raise taxes, and implement the Mark of the Beast to identify everyone so they cannot buy or sell. Instead of making it illegal for non-citizens to receive free medical care, and welfare payments; thus stopping the reason they are coming here.) Jeb admits George W. Bush was wrong in invading Iraq (Jeremy: Un-Constitutionally declaring war without Congressional approval) but instead of blaming George, he blames Obama for pulling out of Iraq allowing ISIS to take over in the power vacuum. He praises Obama for his illegal Un-Constitutional spying on innocent citizens by NSA. Our Founding Fathers warned us that those who trade freedom for safety will loose both. Also the Bible warns that they will cry Peace and Safety then sudden destruction shall fall upon them. George H.W. Bush spoke at the United Nations in support of the New World Order which would bring Peace and Security. As for the Un-Constitutional act of the Supreme Court who has no jurisdiction in the area of defining marriage Jeb says it is now the law, we should not repeal it, and States have no right to constitutionally nullify it on the State level. And he supports Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. The TPP has been kept from all Congressmen, Senators, and the Public, which are not allowed to read it, except certain authorities under restricted supervision and are not allowed to copy or reveal it to anyone, proving it is a Trojan Horse to destroy our freedoms under control of he European Union the Revived Roman Empire and future World Government headquarters of Antichrist. This is the same method used by Nimrod at Babel, and phony Trade Treaties were used in Europe, forcing sovereign nations and forcibly sending their government control to Brussels the center for the Revived Roman Empire under Antichrist, and its inflation by Rothschild’s World Bank. CONCLUSION VERY BAD

Ben Carson: Doctor Cason sent women with theoretical genetic defects to Abortion Clinics (Like Hitler did), and Carson did research on Planned Parenthood’s murdered baby tissue. However, he claims to oppose stem cell research, not because it encourages more murders, but because it has little scientific value. (Jeremy: Dr. Carson, then you haven’t been made aware of the successes of stem cell research being done in secret at Area 51, etc. carrying on Hitler’s research on cloning, transhumanism, and hybrids mixing of animal and human genes in preparation for the coming Antichrist’s Extraterrestrial Alien Invasion.). He wants to start a war with China in retaliation for their financial and Internet cyber attacks. As for problems with the Federal Reserve, “We need to start looking into it.” “There are both good and bad things about the FED.” (Jeremy: Really? What is good about private bankers known as the Illuminati Un-Constitutionally coining our paper money and manipulating our monetary system stealing money through inflation, and funding socialist organizations? How about supporting Audit the Fed?). Ben is against foreign aid, and believes we should use it to build up our public works. (Jeremy: This money comes from the Fed. You give no solution. How about support Audit the Fed and they will stop squandering our money when they are exposed.). Ben wants to use government to control health care and set up a Death Panel who will decide who will, “die with dignity in their own home.” (Jeremy: Sounds like the movie Soylent Green where they killed older people and made food out of their remains. The New World Order plans to kill off people to drastically reduce the population to save their goddess earth Gaia. Planned Parenthood is an attempt to accomplish this goal). Ben covers his Liberal plan by loudly claiming he opposes ObamaCare, hoping to get our votes. He like Romney wanted to change it from ObamaCare to RomneyCare, or CarsonCare changing the name only. He wants to hire more Border Patrol agents increasing taxes, instead of cutting off illegal aid and welfare to Illegal Aliens who are coming like rats to cheese. As for the Un-Constitutional Patriot Act he says “it has some good points and some bad points.” What are the good points? It is Un-Constutional and we were warned by our Founding Fathers (George Washington’s farewell address, etc.) about this, that this would cause us to loose our freedoms and destroy our country. The Patriot Act has done nothing to protect us, all terrorist attempts have been stopped by our local Police without help from NSA. The Trans-Pacific Partnership he says needs more input. (Jeremy: No, the fact that it puts us under Europe is like making us a colony of England again! And it has been deliberately kept secret shows it is completely evil to destroy America and put us under the Antichrist’s World Government the Revived Roman Empire. The few who have seen it warn it has hidden agendas to be added later just the way the sovereign nations of Europe were tricked into the European Union) Same sex marriage? He says Congress must protect the rights of all Americans. I suppose that means we protect gays when they attack Christians and use their privileged position to destroy public morality and make criminals out of Christians who support God’s Word which condemns this sin. If I was on Saturday Night Live I would characterize Ben when asked questions, Federal Reserve, “There are good parts and bad parts.” Immigration, “There are good parts and bad parts,” undeclared wars, “There are good parts and bad parts.” CONCLUSION VERY BAD
Chris Cristie: Campaigned for Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush Skull and Bones Illuminati agents for the New World Order. He believes the Federal Reserve should continue to be independent of government controlled by Illuminati private banksters, but it should be, “audited to make sure that everyone has a sense of comfort that we are doing what we need to do especially after a number of rounds of quantitative easing” i.e. fooling the public with a false audit. Chris admits ObamaCare was a failed program from the start, however it can be superficially modified to fool the public because socialist government controlled (death) expensive unaffordable health care is here to stay. Chris wants to give illegal aliens special rates at colleges encouraging more to invade us. He wants to supply intelligence information and training to the Muslim military in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to help terrorists destroy ISIS, then they will be able to attack Israel and other non-Muslim nations. He wants the NSA’s illegal spying on innocent citizens to be given more power. As for the illegal same sex marriage, it is the law now so we must obey it. The Trans-Pacific Partnership giving away our sovereignty to a Communist world government, he wants to simply have a Republican Traitor to oversee its implantation. CONCLUSION BAD

Ted Cruz: He received 100% lifetime support for the Constitution from the American Conservative Union, 100 % from Heritage Foundation, and 89% from New American Freedom Index. He led 13 states supporting Partial Birth Abortion Act ban on this horrible murder. He co-sponsored Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill. So the Federal Reserve must reveal their hidden books to the public. He introduced a bill S 177 to repeal the illegal Patient Unaffordable Uncaring Act of Obama and bring back the free enterprise health system. And he believes there should be no pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens (Jeremy: Aliens who want to change invade and claim America as part of Mexico/Muslem, etc. who vote for a Democratic Socialist dictatorship like their home countries.) Cruz said we should stop trying to find non-existent moderate Muslims, and stop trying to bring Sunnis and Shia Muslims together as friends when their religion opposes it. We should support Kurdish fighters to defeat ISIS. We should support only NSA’s ability to track down terrorists when there is sufficient justification. And not indiscriminant spying on everyone used for illegal evil purposes by a dictator like the IRS attack on Conservatives. Ted successfully protected the Ten Commandments monument from being removed by Satanic Illuminati forces from the Texas Capitol. He introduced Protect Marriage from the Courts Act S 1080. He will not support the Transatlantic Partnership unless the Ex-Im Bank expires and stays that way so the banksters cannot inflate and manipulate money. And he will make sure the treaty is fully safe and will not impinge on our sovereignty, jobs, and finances or change our Constitution. CONCLUSION VERY GOOD

Carly Fiorina: She was Vice President of AT&T which illegally turned over all their private customers phone records to NSA. AT&T is known to be operated by the Illuminati. Then as President of AT&T’s Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies she supplied all the technical equipment for illegal spying to NSA and trained them to use it. Abortion? She says it is not an issue in her campaign. As for the Federal Reserve she says they have made the stock market the only place to make a profit, but doesn’t mention inflation and doesn’t say anything about what she will do about it. Foreign aid? A very good way to set standards for other countries to meet. (Jeremy: Bribing them to conform to the New World Order. ObamaCare? I do not agree with it, Obama could have subsidized high risk pools instead. (Jeremy: She said nothing about changing it. Illegal immigration? Give full citizenship to immigrants who enter as children. Same sex marriage? I agree and disagree with it. People should accept and the government should not discriminate against benefits, and people have a right to religious freedom. (Jeremy: She will not oppose it.) Trans-Trade Partnership? It is good for America, but she is afraid of all the hidden details. (Jeremy: Details deliberately kept from everyone who will be effected and has a right to know. And they will not allow Congress to see until after it is accepted, and then they are not allowed to change it.) CONCLUSION VERY BAD

Mike Huckabee: He opposes all abortions! We should attack prominent Chinese leader’s cell phones, hack and wipe out Chinese computer systems in retaliation for their attacks on us. And we should inaugurate tariffs on Chinese products so they don’t undermine American made products. The Federal Reserve manipulates the economy by pumping more worthless fiat money into the economy to stimulate it, which turns into inflation and a unsustainable economy of ups and downs. Foreign aid should be limited to humanitarian efforts, it should be mainly aimed at helping our own citizens. He says he will repeal ObamaCare but supported similar healthcare for uninsured children and uninsured workers when he was Governor of Arkansas. He opposes illegal immigration, but he supported special tuition rates and scholarships for illegal immigrants attending college in Arkansas. Terrorism? He wants to attack not just ISIS, but Boko Haram, al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranians. Patriot Act? He wants to stop NSA spying. He says not one of the terrorist plots was stopped by NSA spying. They were all stopped by old fashioned police work. Same sex marriage? He wants to protect the religious liberties o all citizens and allow servicemen to express their religious viewpoint and display the Bible and pray. (Jeremy: He does not say he will oppose the same sex law.) Trans-Pacific Partnership? He wants to slam on the brakes on Obama’s Fast Track which will likely give power to a multinational body (world government) not answerable to American citizens. (Jeremy: Good on some issues, unclear on some and some flip flops of his position.) CONCLUSION BAD
John Kasich: He sponsored a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks or a defective baby or harm to the mother. Before 20 weeks is still murder. He says nothing about the Federal Reserve and its destructive counterfeiting. He supported all Un-Constitutional foreign aid squandering our money to manipulate foreign countries. He is an Episcopalian of the Anglican church which is an offshoot of the Vatican. Today they reject all the fundamentals of Christianity. John says when you supported small government which he says he supports too, but, “When you get to heaven Peter he will ask you what you did for the poor.” (Jeremy: You do not meet Peter, this is a Catholic myth. You meet God who will question you about sin or your acceptance of Jesus. Socialism that he supports is a sin. He accepts illegal immigrants who have been law abiding citizens. (Jeremy: He forgets there are law abiding sleeper agents who after a few years become terrorists like the ones in San Bernardino California.) He says we need to expand the number of guest workers. (Jeremy: Who are taking our money and our jobs.) Same sex marriage? He falsely says he supports traditional marriage, but accepts gay marriage. Besides it is the law now. Trans-Pacific Partnership? He thinks he would agree with it. CONCLUSION VERY BAD

Rand Paul: Received 98% on American Conservative Union Freedom lifetime Index and 94% from New American support for the Constitution. Introduced S 583 to protect Life at Conception Act. Federal Reserve? Voted against Obama’s Federal Reserve nomination of Janet Yellen, and introduced Audit the Fed twice 2013 S. 209 2015 S. 264. (Jeremy: This will force the Fed to release their hidden books to Congress and the public and reveal their illegal activities. Rand wants to stop all foreign aid, used to maneuver other countries into socialism and the new World Order. Including Israel, and tells us Israel would be better off. And Israel’s Prime Minister agrees, because aid comes with strings attached, and besides Israel receives much less that her Arab enemies making it a joke. He would repeal ObamaCare which has turned healthcare from the free enterprise system of better service and lower costs into socialism with death panels and rationing. He is against giving weapons, aid, and training to terrorists to fight other terrorists who then join ISIS. He supported Ted Cruz’s bill to Protect Marriage from the Courts S. 1080. He supported the Trans-Atlantic Partnership at first, until they refused to allow anyone to see it. He says he will not support it until it is revealed in all its details. To keep it secret arouses suspicion of what it entails. CONCLUSION VERY GOOD

Marco Rubio: Received a 98% lifetime rating from American Conservative Union, 93% from Heritage Foundation, and 80% from The New American for support of the Constitution. He opposes all abortions, and knows that life begins a conception. He wants to move ahead on the Trans-Pacific Partnership to take away our sovereignty and place us under a world dictatorship. He voted against Janet Yellen as chairman over the Fedeeral re4serve Board just as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz did. He sponsored Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill S. 209 and S. 264. He wants to use foreign aid the project American power and influence on other countries toward a world socialist Democratic government. He opposed Rand Paul’s amendment to cut off aid to Egypt by supporting Bob Corker’s motion to kill Rand’s amendment. He wants to replace ObamaCare with RubioCare, thus changing its name only, like Romney wanted to do. He wrote in the Illuminati Public Relation’s organization The Counsel on Foreign Relations (the American organization that orchestrates the propaganda for the set up of the Marxist New World Order) organization’s journal Foreign Affairs that he wants to use the fear of ISIS terrorism to bring countries together in preparation for a world government. Marco wants to fully restore the failed Patriot Act police state and spying on innocent citizens. Same sex marriage? He supports gays and voted against Ted Cruz’s bill to protect Biblical marriage from Liberal Courts Un-Constitutional rulings. Marco voted for the Un-Constitutional Trans-Pacific Partnership to be put on Fast Track so we will discover after we are under a foreign totalitarian international Marxist government run by the Communist controlled United Nations. He envisions it taking over the world. CONCLUSION VERY BAD.

Donald Trump: He opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or mother is dying. He also said he has never asked God to forgive his sins in a television interview. In the case of abortion he is ignorant of the fact that all killing outside of self defense is murder! And his ideas are like Hitler’s. By the way by coincidence, he keeps Hitler’s second book by his bed. Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, supported many of the ideas of the Nazis, and she spoke at a Klu Klux Klan woman’s group. And she wanted to kill off all inferior individuals and races mainly the Negros. Trump praises the Federal Reserve and how they manipulate the interest rate close to zero which helped him and others get loans to create the housing bubble that nearly destroyed our financial system in bad investments. He believes we should cut off all foreign aid including humanitarian help. He supports socialist government controlled health care, changing the name ObamaCare into TrumpCare. He thinks building a higher wall across our southern border and force Mexico to pay for it by monetary coercion. He wants to enforce E-Verify precursor to the Mark of the Beast so certain workers the government chooses cannot buy or sell. He wants to burn the Arab oil fields. This is what the Iraqi military did to the Kuwaiti oil fields setting fire to 605 to 732 oil wells in 1991. He supports NSA amassing information on all citizens which will be placed in the computer called the Beast which will be used by the Antichrist just like Hitler. Gay marriage is now the law and even if it is wrong we must support it. Trump originally opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership claiming China will want to join which he opposes. He is silent about its dangers and what he would do. CONCLUSION VERY BAD

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