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NO. 1 (Read in this order) Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1

NO.  1 (To be Read in this order) This is a copy from my book Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1: Chapter 1 Pages 2-5. 
Table of Contents

Introduction………………………………….p. 3
Chapter 1 Cataclysm in the Fossil Record…..p. 6
Chapter 2 Paradigm Shift……………………p. 52
Chapter 3 Re-establishment of Civilization…p. 104
Chapter 4 Out of Place Fossils & Artifacts....p. 149
Chapter 5 The Great Pyramid……………….. p. 186
Conclusion…………………………………..p. 210

This book is the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy that knowledge shall be increased. Truth is stranger than fiction; I crack the false Da Vinci Code and reveal the truth about the Nephilim lineage. This book will turn your world upside down and will get to the bottom of things that have been hidden revealing the real History of the Earth.


The Truth is always upriver; to find it you must go against current beliefs.

I have discovered many things in my travels and research discovering fossils, fossil sites, meteorites, meteorite craters, archaeological artifacts, UFO encounters, and historical geology as well as library research and Internet search for obscure facts which all fit a unified picture of history. This book is a record of those discoveries. But while writing it, every day I discovered numerous amazing NEW pieces that fit the picture puzzle of world mysteries hidden from most people. I have found many shocking facts that have caused me to update and re-interpret my beliefs about this world and its history. I have discovered the answer to most of the unexplained mysteries of this world. Schools, universities, seminaries, books, and the media have passed on misinformation from ignorance and deliberate disinformation. We are living in an age of ignorance, which has access to all the knowledge in the world at our figure tips on the Internet.

No matter what you believe you will be shocked as I was, and will be offended at some of the things I have found as I was. But they are not my beliefs they are facts of history. You will also find conclusions you agree with. I have discovered in the course of organizing the thousands of facts confirmed from many unrelated unbiased sources of information hidden in dark corners of science, history, and the Bible.

The central Truth I have researched are two major facts overlooked, ridiculed, or ignored by most people, and I show how they are essential to
understand world mysteries, ignorance and disinformation of these facts has prevented people from understanding the Bible, and the facts of Science. No one could explain my theme better than Dr. Henry Morris. Here is his comment on the origin of the Giants or Nephilim which the Bible says caused God to destroy the earth in the Flood.
Dr. Henry Morris founder of the Creation Science Movement, and The Institute for Creation Research says in his book, The Giants of Old (Part 2), and The Genesis Record in 1976.
“The only obvious and natural meaning [of the designation, bene elohim ‘sons of God’]... is that these beings were sons of God, rather than of men, because they had been created, not born. Such a description, of course, would apply only to Adam (Luke 3:38) and to the angels, whom God had directly created (Psalm 148:2, 5; 104:4; Colossians 1:16)."
 “Whenever angels have appeared visibly to men, as recorded in the Bible, they have appeared in the physical bodies of men. Those who met with Abraham, for example, actually ate with him (Genesis 18:8) and, later, appeared to the inhabitants of Sodom in such perfectly manlike shape that the Sodomites were attempting to take these ‘men’ for homosexual purposes. The writer of Hebrews suggests that, on various occasions, some "have entertained angels unawares" (Hebrews 13:2).”
“It is true that the Lord Jesus said the resurrection they ‘neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven’ (Matthew 22:30). However, this is not equivalent to saying that angels are ‘sexless,’ since people who share in the resurrection will surely retain their own personal identity, whether male or female.”
“Furthermore, angels are always described, when they appear, as ‘men,’ and the pronoun ‘he’ is always used in reference to them. Somehow they have been given by God the capacity of materializing themselves in masculine human form when occasion warrants, even though their bodies are not under the control of the gravitational and electromagnetic forces which limit our own bodies in this present life.”
Henry M. Morris The Genesis Record, pages 247-249 describes the Post-Flood cataclysm event in the days of Peleg ignored by most creation and secular scientists, and the continuing battle to save earth.

“"Peleg", used here means "earthquake". Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, MacDonald Publishing Company, McLean, Va., Hebrew Chaldee Dictionary, Page 94.

“Geologists today have generally concluded that the continents were once connected in one giant super continent they have named "Pangaea".

“Computer imaging has shown how all the continents appear to fit together. As an example the eastern shores of North and South America conform to the western shore lines of Europe and Africa. Geologists have named this the "Continental Drift Theory". They conclude that from the contour of the continents fitting so perfectly together, the rifts on the ocean floor and the present measurable movements of the continents that in the past, at some time the continents were one large land mass.

“All of these evidences lead to the conclusion that if the continents did divide this dividing could have occurred in relation to the division of the languages after the Tower of Babel. Possibly, some time after the migrations caused by the confusion of languages, when the people when sufficiently dispersed, God caused the continents of move apart. This would account for man, and animals being on the isolated continents of North and South America and Australia. There were people on the continents when they moved. It appears that God not only divided the people by confusing their languages, He also divided the land so the dispersion would continue. The division of the land
precluded that the people on earth could have physically come back
together had they been able to overcome the language barriers.

“It is also interesting to note that this event was some five generations after the Flood. Many of the geological mysteries which are difficult to understand in relationship to the Flood could be explain by a second world wide catastrophic event such as would be caused by the sudden global shifting of the continents. Great earthquakes, volcanic activity, uplifts, flowed and sinking of vast land areas and mountain forming would be expected to accompany such vast changes in the earth's surface.”

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