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NO. 2 (Read in this order) Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1

This is copied from my book Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 Chapter 1 Page 6-7. It describes what happened when an asteroid hit the earth in our past in 2348 BC and again in 1980 BC time of Peleg, and what will happen in the future during the Tribulation Period according to the Bible and these scientists.

Chapter 1
Cataclysm in the Fossil Record

This book is a time machine in which we will get a glimpse of facts, events and people in history. Geologic evidence indicates that the earth was bombarded by asteroids. Here is what such an event would be like and scientists conclusions when compared to the events of geologic history.

Collision Earth: The Threat From Outer Space By Jason Jeffrey from New Dawn Magazine published 2004

“Recent computer simulations reveal that if a comet or asteroid hit the Earth on one side, the seismic waves generated would be transmitted through the planetary interior. By being focused on account of the Earth’s curvature, the waves would meet together at the location directly on the opposite side where the impact took place, and the high stress energy released could disrupt the surface area, causing a tremendous outpouring of volcanic activity. (Author’s Note: Could this have been the cause of the super volcano caldera in Yellowstone?)

“The air blast resulting from an impact would lead to large-scale and worldwide pressure shock waves oscillating the entire atmosphere and ionosphere, creating winds greater than the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded.

“By far the worst-case scenario is an asteroid or comet striking one of the world’s deep oceans. Some researchers worry the sudden
displacement of such large volumes of water across thousands of kilometers of ocean would affect the axis spin and polar stability of
the Earth, like adding an off-balancing weight to a spinning gyroscope. Even more disastrous would be a celestial object furrowed into the ocean at a more oblique angle. In this case the energy of the mass dissipates by pushing a titanic amount of water over a large surface area, creating a tsunami wave as high and large in size as to defy imagination.

“Fragments of the asteroid and earth hurled into space by the impact would rain down all over the planet, setting forest fires. The resulting smoke would further darken the atmosphere, plunging the world into permanent night. The temperature would plummet.

“Mounting hard evidence collected from tree rings, soil layers and even dust that long ago settled to the ocean floor indicates there were widespread environmental nightmares in the Near East during this period: Abrupt cooling of the climate, sudden floods and surges from the seas, huge earthquakes.”

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