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No. 12 (Read in this order) Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 Chapter 2, Pages 86 - 96

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They have used potassium to argon, argon to argon, uranium to lead, rubidium to strontium, and uranium to thorium, which can only date volcanic rock. These methods always give dates in millions or billions of years, except for Carbon 14 which only dates carbon in organic substances that are no more than 58 to 62 thousand years old when using the new AIMS method which has allowed them to date smaller older samples more accurately including dinosaur bones.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. More Bad News for Radiometric Dating www.cs.unc.edu/~plaisted/ce/dating2.html  We now have so many things that can make radiometric dating go wrong

“Furthermore, if there are special circumstances that invalidate the method, then this raises questions about the method in general. It's been an eye opener to me to see all the processes that lead to segregation of different minerals in the magma. We have gold appearing pure at times, silver pure at times, etc., and no one says this is due to radiometric decay. The geological processes at work have a tremendous ability to separate different kinds of elements and minerals. And yet we expect that uranium-lead ratios are determined by radiometric decay alone (or at least sometimes)!”

“There are so many complicated phenomena to consider like this that it calls the whole radiometric dating scheme into question. We haven't even considered the fact that uranium is highly water soluble and lead is not, which could make the dates too old, too. Another factor to consider. We now have so many things that can make radiometric dating go wrong, and isochrons don't remedy the situation at all, that I think the weight of evidence of radiometric dating is nullified.”

When lava from Mt. Saint Helens, which erupted in 1980 was dated, it produced dates of millions of years! As did lava from Hawaii which had historical foorprints in it that proved it was hundreds of years old not millions. Also, the top part of the same lava flow often dates younger than a lower layer of the same flow. Radioactive dating using different methods also produce different dates for the same rock. The above article also confirmed that the deeper the rock the older it dates due to mineal sorting and not the age of the rock. Thermoluminescence dates recent archaeological rocks and artifacts like pottery. It is new and has lots of problems also.

Only Carbon 14 dating recent organic substances is close. But even Carbon 14 gives dates that get older, the older the sample is, stretching the older dates beyond their true historical date. The older it is the older it appears to be. Part of the problem is there was very little radioactive Carbon 14 before the destruction of the hydrostatic equilibrium of the canopy radiation shield (marked by the KT boundary), above the atmosphere of the earth, which was destroyed by atomic-like explosions in the atmosphere by carbonaceous chondrite asteroids, comets, and meteors. Evidence from NASA says they believe the Cretaceous asteroid is the same carbonaceous chondrite type as ones that exploded over Tunguska in 1908, and another during the Dryus after the Flood in the Pleistocene.


 The Bible says there was only one ocean, and one continent.

 Genesis 1:9

 “9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.”

And then during the Flood 1656 years later the earth was cracked open in faults creating the fountains of the deep. There were no volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, or faults before this.

 These lines mark cracks in the earth formed during the Flood. They are the fountains of the deep, which still spew out hot mineralized water in the depths of the ocean like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and produce volcanoes. Hawaii is the tip of one of these volcanic mountains. The water from these was the main source which covered all the dry land, until the continents being lighter than sea water and basalt bedrock in the oceans, rose and the sea beds sank. As for the movement on these plates, this did not happen until the days of Peleg about 300 years later triggered by another massive asteroid bombardment. These orogenies were huge earthquakes that resettled re-balanced the land during and after the Flood and produced mountain ranges within days or months.

 Here is what these fountains of the deep look like underground.

Genesis 10:25

25 And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.

This cataclysm occurred between 100 to 339 years after the Flood during Peleg’s life time about the time of Babel. At this time the earth was divided, and life span dropped another 1/3rd like it did right after the Flood, showing another catastrophe happened at this time.

Henry M. Morris says in The Genesis Record, pages 247-249

“All of these evidences lead to the conclusion that if the continents did divide this dividing could have occurred in relation to the division of the languages after the Tower of Babel. Possibly, some time after the migrations caused by the confusion of languages, when the people when sufficiently dispersed, God caused the continents of move apart.”

“Many of the geological mysteries which are difficult to understand in relationship to the Flood could be explain by a second world wide catastrophic event such as would be caused by the sudden global shifting of the continents. Great earthquakes, volcanic activity, uplifts, and sinking of vast land areas and mountain forming would be expected to accompany such vast changes in the earth's surface.”

“He also divided the land so the dispersion would continue.”


I had read an article in National Geographic about Continental Drift when I was about 12 and it made me think of what the Bible said about this. Of course it was more than the continents moving apart, it also involved the rise of the oceans covering land bridges and continental shelves which was dry land before.

Here we see the land bridge between Asia and North America. And below the ancient Piri Reis Map shows the connection between Antarctica and South America over 300 years after the Flood before the ice formed at the poles during the ice age.

There was no polar ice during the mild warm, subtropical Cretaceous. ... or around sea level until the mid-Cretaceous, a time of high tectonic activity

“The breakup of the super continent Pangaea into separate continents was underway. The separation of Laurasia and Gondwana was complete. In the first half of the Cretaceous, temperatures were warm, seasonality was low, and global sea levels were high (no polar ice!). At the end of the Cretaceous, there were severe climate changes, lowered sea levels, and high volcanic activity.”

Their assumptions on sea level are based on speculation that when there is no ice sheet there are high ocean levels. They do not consider that at that time most of this water was inside the earth and the oceans were lower. Evolutionists also misinterpreted the strata, identifying Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous, etc. by the fossils they contain assuming these index fossils lived millions of years apart. These same fossils can be explained as different phases of the catastrophic event during different tidal impacts from different sources and directions burying animals from different environments. The Cambrian Ediacaran marine plants and animals (supposed oldest fossils) are made up of deep water organisms as the cataclysm began; some are seen in deep oceans today. Then the fish in the oceans are Devonian, and then as the Flood began to rise onto the land it trapped swamp animals in the Carboniferous. In fact when you go east from the Grand Canyon you cross strata containing (Generally speaking) Permian aquatic reptiles, Triassic riverside/aquatic reptiles, Jurassic dry land, and then Cretaceous highlands containing the surviving remnants of the continent crossing tidal impacts as the Flood rose during the first few months. The rest of the geologic column is Post-Flood cataclysms.


All through the Mesozoic secular paleontologists and geologists tell us the ocean invaded the continent with huge river like marine incursions, which came and went, burying land dinosaurs in low spots covering millions of square miles from Canada to Mexico.

This is during the Jurassic deposition, the incursion is called the Sundance Sea. One of the first incursions as the Flood waters rose over the dry land.

The Late Cretaceous sea. It was not a sea, they call it a sea way. It is actually one of the several incursions of the rising oceans during the beginning of the Flood throughout the Mesozoic deposition. The fossils show they were carried into these sunken areas and buried in volcanic ash, limestone, sandstone, and shale. There is lots of evidence of volcanic ash and volcanic rocks raining down in Wyoming from explosive volcanoes in Montana forming the Lance and Hellcreek Formations in the Late Cretaceous deposition ending at the KT asteroid rare element layer deposition boundary.

BibleHub commentary says of Genesis 8:3 the water receded steadily from the earth. ...biblehub.com/genesis/8-3.htm‎ Then the flood waters steadily receded, diminishing completely by the end of the Flood... and the waters turned back and forth upon the earth, and after the end of the Flood... And the waters returned from off the earth going and coming...

“Verse 3. - And the waters returned from off the earth continually. Literally, going and returning. "More and more"”

This is what would happen if the ocean rose to cover the continents in tidal impacts, they would go and come, at the beginning of the Flood; as well as when the water receded from the earth after the Flood caused by the daily tides. Not counting the tsunami impacts resulting from asteroid impacts, land slides caused by earthquakes, and ocean floor explosive volcanic eruptions.


Fanning, Suzette. "Stratigraphy of the Sundance Formation". Retrieved 2007-02-06.
“The Sundance Sea was an epeiric (temporary continental shallow) sea that existed in North America during the mid to late Jurassic Period…”

There were lots of these oceanic incursions during the Mesozoic i.e. during the Flood. The fossils in these deposits do not indicate these were seas; they were formed by rapidly moving water mixed with volcanic ash. The Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation also shows volcanoes in Montana pelted this deposit in Wyoming. And the further you go north the greater the amount of volcanic lava bombs in the Hell Creek Formation (Identical strata as the Lance) containing billions of Late Cretaceous dinosaur bones. 

In the limestone that formed Carlsbad Caverns shows this falsely called reef of
coral was a tsunami deposit formed by a jumble of marine animals which were piled up by tidal impacts, they are not insitu. Living coral reefs are wider at the top than the bottom like a V, these are mounds which are wider on the bottom.

 The fossils in and for miles around Carlsbad Caverns include sponges, snails & trilobites, all from the Late Permian deposition early during the Flood. The picture above shows stromatolites near the caverns.

These are  Carboniferous deposition of broken up crinoid stems and other marine fossils in limestone which forms caves and are found in the Cambrian through the Cretaceous, and are still alive today and are like those found at Carlsbad. They are animals that look like plants.

These are fossil cinoids. They are animals like sand dollars and coral still alive today. Notice they are jumbled in different directions and are not in living positions all facing one direction.

After the Mesozoic dinosaur strata is the Post-Flood Cenozoic after the KT boundary. These so called Periods of geologic history can be explained by depositional sorting, specific gravity sorting, environmental sorting, and sorting by moving water. Even evolutionists agree when it comes to marine vs. terrestrial fossil deposits there is a preservation bias. And they agree that many organisms existing at the same time are missing from fossil assemblages. For example Triceratops existed at the same time as bipedal carnivorous Theropod dinosaurs and their bones are found together, but when it comes to fossil tracks Triceratops and other dinosaurs are rarely found while Theropod tracks are very common. Carnivore’s theropod tracks are much more common than herbivores dinosaur tracks. But we know there were much more plant eating dinosaurs than meat eating, because you need lots of herbivores animals to feed the few carnivorous. Also, there are very few juvenile tracks found. This is called a bias in the fossil record.

Author’s Note: It is possible that the starving carnivorous dinosaurs under the catastrophic conditions, were eating humans, mammals, and small dinosaurs days before the land was covered.


In fact evolutionists like to claim that the fossil record goes from single celled organism to fish, to amphibians, to reptiles, to mammals, to man. And yet all of these exist today at the same time in different places! If the present is the key to the past as Charles Lyell claimed then all these most likely existed together when the geologic column was formed just like they exist today.

The Coelacanth fish became extinct in the late Cretaceous. They claimed the Coelacanth was a lobe finned fish which evolved into amphibians, because they used their thick fins to go from a dry pond to another across dry land. But it is still alive today as a fish showing no indication it has evolved.

 This is a fossil Coelacanth (SeeLoCanth).
This was a live Coelacanth found today.
 The Bible says there were GIANTS in those days before the Flood. Here are some giant fossil Coelacanth. There were also giant White Sharks with teeth 12 inches long, and many other animals and plants.

This is a GIANT fossil rhino from the Oligocene which is a Post Flood volcanic terrestrial deposit in the badlands of South Dakota.


Secular scientists have tried to explain the existence if tropical fossils in the arctic from an evolutionary viewpoint by claiming continental drift caused some of today’s arctic areas to move through tropical regions during the Mesozoic. However, a museum curator at California State University Riverside told me he went on an expedition to Spitsbergen Island in the arctic and said they cannot understand how tropical dinosaurs and plants could be there because this island was in the Arctic when the dinosaurs were there!

 Spitsburgen, part of Norway, is a desolate island today.

Creation scientists believe there were no high mountains before the Flood, because they formed during and after the Flood catastrophe. Secular scientists agree. A Humanist Dr. Edwin H. Colbert retired curator of vertebrate paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History in a book on dinosaurs says he believes there were no high mountains during the Mesozoic when dinosaurs were on earth. Orogeny (mountain building) had not formed the high mountains we see today. In fact paleontology and geology shows us most mountain ranges formed during periods of orogeny by continental plate impacts in recent times, and most were after the Flood. Secular scientists believe most of the orogeny (Mountain building) occurred in specific periods of time and were not continuous upthrusting.


The biggest mystery for creation science is where are the human fossils, their artifacts, and cities? There are billions of dinosaurs, shellfish, trilobites, logs, leaves, ferns, insects, mammals – but no human or large mammal remains from the Flood period. All the human fossils and large mammals found by both creationists and evolutionists are Post-Flood. All of the hominids and ape fossils found by evolutionists are Post-Flood and could be placed on a single table. About 2/3rds of the human artifacts found out of place are also Post-Flood. Also very few human artifacts and bones are found out of evolutionary place in the Mesozoic and Paleozoic strata. And some artifacts have questionable documentation. This is because evolutionists have been negligent, and have chosen to ignore rather than evaluate the evidence without bias. And some creationists do not have the money, and some have jumped to biased conclusions. However, there are a few artifacts that defy explanation.

The ruins of Pre-Flood civilizations in the Fossil record would likely be similar to the most ancient megalithic Post-Flood ruins, which would be copies of the Per-Flood civilizations. Also, man usually builds cities near water in lowland areas. Since most Per-Flood occupational areas are now below sea level, I believe if they survived at all, would be either buried in valleys under sediment, or are on the continental shelves under the ocean. For example the Orange County/Los Angeles basin is a valley buried under 30 thousand feet of marine landslide sediment deposited by turbidity currents claimed to be Early to Late Miocene i.e. Post-Flood. What we see in the fossil formations, including bones and tracks, was formed during the Flood cataclysm and is not the original level of habitation of dinosaurs. Also, dinosaurs, like African wild animals did not live near man, they lived in the inland wilderness in deep jungles.


The reason God decided to destroy all life on earth was because:

Genesis 6:5
5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
Genesis 6:11-12
11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. 12 And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.
 Genesis 6:8-9
8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. 9 These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.


Most religious writers skip over the most important factor that forced God to destroy the earth found in this same chapter. Notice it says Noah was "perfect in his generations." He was part of Jesus’ bloodline lineage. Satan used Cain and his descendants who rejected God to inter marry with the Sons of God and their offspring the Nephilim (Son’s of God means they were created and were not born by natural means). Some of the Nephilim became the Giants. Not all were giants it depended on the mutated hybrid genetics. This was the origin of the seed of the Serpent who would produce the future counterfeit Christ and world ruler in place of the Messiah. Satan planned to corrupt the bloodline of Jesus and replace him with the Antichrist. Then there would be no Sons of God, only sons of Satan the Serpent would rule forever in rebellion, doing what is right in their own eyes.

Satan’s first attempt was to get Adam to disobey God making him a son of man. This passed the title deed to the universe from man to Satan who usurped the position of Prince of this World from Jesus the Son of God. Jesus bloodline and genetics had to be pure. Next Satan planned to get Adam to eat of the Tree of Life so he would live forever in defiance of God. Today they are working to create eternal life through transhumism, human/machine/animal/angel hybrids.

“And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever…”

Thus God had to destroy Satan’s seed that were causing all the trouble by bringing in the Flood and saving Noah and his seed who were the only ones left uncontaminated. The principle here is from Sodom and Gomorrah, when there are less than 10 righteous, God must judge them. Notice it says in Genesis 6:12, “all flesh had corrupted his way.” That is all flesh outside Noah was contaminated with Nephilim blood and genetics.
There is a question here, why did God save Ham who corrupted the world after the Flood? Many argue that when you are saved it means all those under your roof are save too. Most ague that this is not right, each person must accept Jesus personally. Most researchers do not consider other facts in the Bible. Superficial knowledge is dangerous, it leads to false conclusions. To know the truth you must dig deeper for enough facts to draw a solid conclusion. For example evolutionists do this when they do not consider the evidence in light of the Bible. Instead they twist scripture to fit their ephemeral speculation.

And the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abram’s wife.

Acts 11:13
Send men to Joppa, and call for Simon, whose surname is Peter; 14 who shall tell thee words, whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved.

When God blesses and curses, he always includes everyone in that person’s house, or that person’s country. Unless they rebel against the head of the house. This is also why God curses or blesses everything under a leader’s control including animals and possessions.


Ham must have followed his father Noah, until after the Flood; like Adam and Lucifer he became rebellious. Then the daughter’s of Ham or Cush his son mixed their bloodline with the Sons of God, the Fallen Angels and continued the lineage of the Nephilim. His most famous descendant was Nimrod who tried to recreate the civilization of Cain.

All through the Old Testament it shows that Israel followed God while the Prophet of God lived. Then as soon as he died, they followed other gods.

People are like sheep. This is how the descendants of the Nephilim the Illuminati control the Democratic/Liberal mob through their control of the media, which is controlled by their Council on Foreign Relations controlled by the United Nations as described in their plan The Protocols of the Learned Elder’s of Zion.

Their greatest goal is to reach into space the second heaven. I believe before the Flood and at the Tower of Babel man may have reached the moon, and Mars using technology rediscovered by Nicola Tesla. The Post-Flood descendants of Ham tried to recreate the Pre-Flood technological civilization at the Tower of Babel under Nimrod. I believe they knew how to build anti-inertial engines like those used in Vimanas, what we call Flying Saucers using Mercury current. Mercury is another name for Cush, and mercury is the term used for the electromagnetic currents in the earth called ley lines or Dragon Paths (the Chinese saw UFOs and called them Dragons and named ley lines Dragon Paths). Megalithic monuments are placed where these currents cross, and Pagans worshiped Demons there. Demons use these currents to created electrometric holograms at certain seasons of the year and project images into the subconscious mind in an altered state.


Darwinian and Spiritualist, researchers and scientists believe in a naturalistic origin of the earth from meteorites and space dust accumulating over billions of years. This is absurd, and is contradicted by observation and logic. The rock and soil surface of this earth is different from the rocks and dust found in space. That is how we can determine if a rock is a meteorite or a meteorwrong. If this theory were true, everything on earth would be a meteorite! You could not tell the difference. See how establishment ‘science’ can fool your mind! Meteorites have rare elements compared to those on earth.

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