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No. 9 (Read in this order) Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 Chapter 2, Pages 51 - 63.

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Chapter 2
Paradigm Shift            

When you look around at nature you see amazing beauty and perfection in design in the human body, in animals, insects, minerals, atoms, the planets and stars. Then you see some things that do not fit. Catastrophic things do not fit this amazing complexity we see and are not natural. Things like volcanoes, earthquakes, faults, storms, death, disease, and meteorite impacts. Why are all the planets and stars so perfectly arranged to work like clockwork, then along comes an asteroid causing chaos! Something unnatural happened which disrupted the perfection of nature. All the solid bodies we have seen in space are battered by millions of impacts and volcanic eruptions.


Originally evolution was founded on the lawyer Charles Lyell’s Uniformitarian theory that geological evolution progresses by small changes over a long time. Then Charles Darwin based his biological theory of slow change on Lyell’s theory. Later Lyellian Uniformitarian theory was found to be false when sudden changes were seen in the fossil record, and when the KT asteroid impact hypothesis became acceptable. Then mass extinction theory became acceptable, which changed Darwin’s theory from survival of the fittest, to slow mutations, to punctuated equilibrium – where living things go through mass extinctions and change suddenly leaving no transitional forms behind in the fossil record. The problem here is, even if the theory is true, it cannot be a scientific theory, because you cannot prove something through a lack of evidence. No transitional forms; no evidence of evolution. For example: The coelacanth fish was believed to be extinct in the Late Cretaceous before the dinosaurs. But it was found alive. The extinction of the dinosaurs is not a scientific fact either. Because no one has seen a dinosaur, just like no one had seen a coelacanth fish, does not prove it is extinct! The fact, according to the fossil record, the coelacanth is STILL EXTINCT. This is why there is a possibility that dinosaurs may be very rare, but still alive somewhere, just like the coelacanth and several other “living fossils”. Darwin coined this term himself.

 Coelacanth fish found alive.
A fossil Coelocanth fish which became extinct before the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous. It is a lob finned fish which can walk from one pool of water to another and can walk on the bottom. It is as extinct as the dinosaurs, and as far as the fossil record is concerned is STILL extinct, but it is still living. It was believed to have evolved into amphibians until it was found alive and showed no evolution! 


In the 1860s, most theologians accepted evolution as a fact, because of there belief in the gap theory, that a world existed long before Adam – which is a contradiction to the whole purpose of the Bible which says there was no death or deterioration (entropy) of physical things. Theologians were slowly falling away from the truth of the Bible, because of the new modern higher criticism. Bible prophecy warned that this would happen in the Last Days before Christ’s return to earth. Educational centers like Alexandria Egypt where there was an ancient library, and university; there the intellectuals thought themselves to be wiser. Most secular Intellectuals of all ages always think themselves wiser than anyone else, even wiser than God and his Word. The Bible says pride goeth before a fall.

As a result Genesis and Revelation were reinterpreted as allegories instead of facts. Churches avoid teaching creation science and prophecy. Especially prophecy in current events! The Bible evolves into a myth replacing miracles with materialistic interpretations (Deism) and entertainment.
2 Timothy 3:
“3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof (Deism)…”


The Bible supports the belief that death of anything did not exist before Adam disobeyed and brought sin and resulting death into the universe. According to the Bible, Adam’s sin caused all death including animals, and plants, as well as entropy based on the Second law of thermodynamics, which is a law of science today. According to scientific observation everything goes down hill, not up. Only intelligence directing energy can force something to go up. The only exception is a machine created by intelligence which creates programmed design. Like a computer program. All of nature is filled with machines; which automatically create cells in living things, and crystals in minerals, and directs water in the hydrologic system to flow to the sea, rise as vapor, fall as rain, and flows back to the sea. The Bible describes all this in Job. It also describes the earth as a circle suspended on nothing. Adam’s sin caused the whole physical universe to become separated from God the creator’s maintaining creative rejuvenation. Darwinian scientists agree that the sun and all stars, and all matter are deteriorating called entropy. Evolutionists claim new stars are born, and new comets come from an Oort cloud which have never been observed. Stars have been observed to die as supernovas, but NO new stars have been observed. Even genetic information through mutations is destructive, causing slow deterioration and eventually will cause the extinction of all life. Mutations are all detrimental because they result from a LOSS of INFORMATION. These observations contradict evolution theory that requires an increase in information and complexity.


On the other hand, it was the majority of scientists that opposed the theory of evolution when it was first announced. Charles Lyell was not a scientist, he was a lawyer. Like all lawyers, he took the case and argued his clients position. To a lawyer it does not matter if his subject is right or wrong, he seeks to win the case for his client – in this case evolution speculation. Lyell agreed with evolution because it supported his bias against the Bible and God. He hated theologians. Sir Charles Lyell’s three volume book, “Principles of Geology” published in 1830, has been called the most important book ever (outside the Bible), because his ideas on how the earth had been formed were the opposite of the prevailing beliefs.He believed in time and chance, but ignored the impossibility of the increase in information by a random processes which increases entropy with the addition of more time.

Previously, it was believed that sedimentary rock strata was the result of cataclysms like Noah’s flood based on belief in the Bible and legendary stories from ancient times. However, Sir Charles Lyell believed that cataclysms were not responsible for forming the earth’s surface, but very slow processes like we see happening today. He coined the term “the present is the key to the past.” This is partially true, however what we see today is volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, meteorite impacts, earth quakes, etc. which form local miniatures of what we see in the fossil record worldwide. The fossil record shows massive worldwide cataclysms almost impossible to imagine today. Paleontologists find masses of bones in layers. If this was indeed a record of time over millions of years they would be disbursed throughout portions of the so called geologic record and grade into each other. There should not be sudden changes in fossils, color, and type of rock. And it should seldom consist of predominately flat layers.

Typical fossiliferous sedimentary strata.

 There are faults in the originally flat strata.
 More faulting.

And there is tilting of originally flat strata.

 There are unconfomaties in flat strata. Like between the Per-Cambrian and the overlying Cambrian in the Grand Canyon which tilted the lower strata before the overlying strata was deposited later. Possibly the lower strata was deposited during the initial stages of the cataclysm burying deep water sea animals and plants.

 Then there is originally flat strata that was bent before it hardened into stone. Hardening into stone does not take millions of years.


Many scientists are scientifically proving atheism and Darwinism are false, and are being converted to the Design Movement. Theologians on the other hand are turning back to Theistic evolution and compromise with the world making man’s logic an idol in place of God’s Word.

Research paleontologists are looking for the tiniest change in species and figure out why some things are only individual differences, but others are passed on to the next generation. They are trying to find out how these assumed accumulated changes can become major changes into different kinds of organisms. Part of their research is the Quagga Project to recreate the Pleistocene zebra horse which is genetically identical to the modern common Planes Zebra but has stripes only on the front half of its body. This is not evolution; this is variation in the genetics that has always been there since the creation.

 Here is how the Quagga Project is breeding back to the Pleistocene animals believed to be horses till now. These are the kind found in the asphalt in the La Brea pits in California. They are Zebras.

Hello! I am a Quagga.

Charles Darwin believed that Families of organisms are not static, but change. He was right in that kinds can have minor changes in size, color, design, and features, but the kind remains static. And major differences like between the majority of birds and a humming bird show they do not have a common ancestor assumed by micro-evolution also called adaptation, which I have found to be false. Darwin convinced the majority that natural selection produced unlimited changes over a very long time, called mega evolution. Creationists did not accept this interpretation, but some accepted micro evolution, which is limited changes in a particular kind of organism. Examples are the many kinds of dogs, cats, cows, horses, etc. but this only produces different kinds of the same organism, and it only happens when someone controls the breeding. Adaptation is a characteristic which already exists causing some of a similar organism to survive while others go elsewhere or become extinct, they do not adapt.

Secrets of the Sixth Edition by Randall Hedtke of Darwin’s The Origin of Species Darwin admitted that natural selection did not create new information leading to more complexity, but Darwin continued to deny God created life in spite of the evidence.

For a long time I accepted the creation viewpoint about micro-evolution or adaptation. Recently I have become more aware of some facts that contradict this view.

Survival of the fittest does occur in rare occasions, but it creates nothing new, it only leaves survivors which were already adapted to the environment. Natural selection can occur in rare occasions when a group with particular genes is isolated it can pass on minor micro evolution changes by inbreeding. Then when these animals mix again with others of a similar kind they revert back to the original kind. As for Darwin’s finches this was poor insufficient observation, because these birds develop larger beaks during certain conditions, which revert back when they are not needed, without any long term or major changes to the organism.

 Here are the different types of Finch. They interbreed and revert back to the original.

This is a typical male House Finch like the the flocks that visit my sunflower feeders all day long every day. See my YouTube videos of the many species of birds I feed.


Evolutionists did not believe in worldwide catastrophes or even massive extinction events until 1980 when Luis W. Alvarez proved them wrong. This was because they had accepted the false theory of Uniformitarianism created by the atheist theologian hating lawyer Charles Lyell in his Principles of Geology, upon which the theory of atheistic evolution created by the theologian and amateur naturalist Charles Darwin was founded. Neither of these had PhDs. They were amateur scientists.

In the late 1900s the acceptance of cataclysms was forced onto the atheist’s scientific community both by the growing evidence, as well as the failure of the theory of uniformitarian evolution. This discovery of periodic cataclysms, met a need for evolutionists. Darwinian evolution had failed because natural selection does not create new information for evolution to progress on (it only selects what already exists), so mutations became the mechanism, but mutations do not produce new information either, it only deletes genetic information. This is when radiation, like cosmic rays strikes a gene cell and destroys genomes, causing a loss of information and less diversity in offspring. Evolution was also failing to prove it was a fact because of the lack of transitional forms among the fossils, sudden appearance of new forms in the fossil record and lack of change over time. And lack of a mechanism that increases genetic information, which can only come from intelligent design.


However, in recent years a new kind of mechanism for evolution has been presented by New Age writers to save evolution theory based on ancient Pagan goddess worship, and Neo-catastrophism; claiming the Earth Mother Gaia is a natural intelligence in matter that organizes things, Cosmic Consciousness. Darwinian evolutionists are slowly changing over to these new theories in a form of evolution I call New Age Evolution or Von Danikenism, which claims that there is a cosmic intelligence in matter itself
and this intelligence was seeded throughout the universe on meteorites, in a theory called Transpermia. Then it evolved into aliens who orchestrated our creation from apelike creatures. And or we are their descendants from aliens left on Earth. This theory fulfills the promise of Lucifer to Eve, that men are the highest manifestation of this cosmic intelligence and will evolve into gods. It fits the theory of Theistic Evolution supported by most theologians today, like Hugh Ross, and UFO contactee prophets, deists who reject miracles and accept this materialistic belief.


The Alvarez hypothesis supported theories of mass extinctions and punctuated equilibrium evolution. It also explained away evidence of catastrophes supporting the Bible. However, they had to admit that most of these extinction events were worldwide. The truth always has a way of coming out in the end.

Atheists and agnostics or Spiritualists and Deists believe the earth and universe are billions of years old, because an evolution process would require a long time to happen by chance, or trial and error by some intelligence in matter. But there is no evidence that can confirm this assumption. Spiritualists/Deists agree with the atheists on this. This is religion, not a scientific theory.


Christians are the only group that can claim an approximate accurate date for the age of the earth. It is given in the Bible that the earth was created in six days. And if you add up the genealogies in Genesis, the origin of time and space was approximately 6 thousand years ago. Henry Morris convinced me there could be no pre-Adamite creation, because if this were true, then there was sin and death before Adam, which contradicts the Bible where it says death and entropy in physical things came by man’s sin. The universe would have been eternal if man had not followed Lucifer’s rebellion. No entropy, no sin, no growing old, nothing wearing out, no accidents, no sickness, no anger, no greed, no need for money, no death, things would not wear out. This Biblical fact supports the belief that there are no other physical created beings in the physical universe. Or this curse fell on them also, even though they did nothing wrong. However, there are created beings in another dimension which can enter our physical dimension through what are described as Star Gates, at Megalithic stone Pagan worship sites like
Stonehenge which are placed on the electromagnetic grid of the earth where lines of natural current come together. Science fiction has been used by members of secret societies to condition us to falsely interpret these contacts as physical contacts from physical aliens starting with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H. G. Wells, Jules Vern, etc.


If the earth is only 6 thousand years old, then the asteroid/comet that hit the earth could not have been 65 million years ago. So when did it happen? Is there scientific evidence that supports this?

I have already explained that radioactive uranium dating; et al. only gives dates of millions of years regardless of the actual date of the specimen. And the thickness of the strata was formed by rapidly moving water during the Flood, and this thickness cannot be used as a measure of time as suggested by Charles Lyell the lawyer, because it is too rapid to record millions of years. It is also too variable to be used as a clock. Sediment has to be moving rapidly enough to be carried and deposited, which means it has to be deposited in hours, days, or weeks. Another proof of this is the preservation of three dimensional un-flattened whales, dinosaurs, other fossils, and polystrate fossils like trees going through several rock layers deposited supposedly over millions of years, while the log shows no sign of erosion from top to bottom!

This tree shows no erosion till it was cut off at the top. These layers containing the tree trunk were not layed down over millions of years as most geologists claim. The strata had to have been deposited at the same time holding it in an upright position. Then there was a hiatus which eroded off the top, then more sediment was deposited above it.


I remember my research started about 1982 when I heard Fred Budinger the ranger at the Calico Early Man Site in the Mojave Desert talking to someone about how someone he knew was working on research on evidence of an asteroid which may have killed the dinosaurs. 

This was before it became common knowledge to the public. He had my immediate attention. I asked and got a copy of the report of this asteroid impact in the Cretaceous. I realized that meteorites were the answer to what triggered the Flood of Noah. I had already been interested in dinosaurs and meteorites for many years and read several books. I realized that the date of 65 million years was based on inaccurate radiometric dating. This started my research career on this subject. My first lecture at the Riverside Bible Science Association group at Loma Linda University, which I founded was on this subject. Later I wrote a more detailed paper on it for the Twin-Cities Creation Conference

Auldaney, Jeremy., Asteroids and their connection to the Flood, Proceedings of the Twin-Cities Creation Conference, Northwestern College, Roseville, pp. 133–136, 1992. 

This was two years before the first recorded impact of an asteroid on another planet was observed. This impact on Jupiter illustrated exactly what I believed happened on earth at the time of the Flood. It was a comet which broke up and struck Jupiter like a machine gun in 1994.


I was on the road that goes through Glen Rose Texas near the Paluxy River dinosaur track site excavation by the Creation Evidence Museum, where I stopped to collect marine fossils including a beautiful ammonite and large articulated clam. I then went up above the road cut to the flat top of the Cretaceous strata, which would be the last layer of the Flood in most places which we call mesas.

In most of the western states you can see flat mesas from wherever you are. From the creation viewpoint this would be the last layer deposited, when the Flood ended and left a flat layer on the surface as the water drained off the land. After that as the water deceased and land continued to rise, down cutting cut the canyons between areas which left some of the original flat surface undisturbed as mesas.

Notice the flat surface on the top of this strata. I believe this is last layer surface as the worldwide Flood receded.

On this flat ground above the road in Texas, I found loose soil on top filled with fossil marine shells that had eroded from the rock below. Below the few inches of soil was the rock surface of the Cretaceous sandstone. On this rock surface I found what looked like iron and olivine meteorites averaging a quarter of an inch in diameter to half inch. They looked similar to iron and olivine meteorites I found at Odessa meteorite craters, as well as ones I had bought. I collected 60 olivines and two irons on this flat surface. I sent some of the olivines to Hugh Miller who had them tested and they were identified as volcanic. One of these had the impression of a fossil shell imprinted into it indicating it was molten when it landed. Meteorites are never molten, they are cold. Only a thin surface a fraction of an inch thick forms a fusion surface as the meteorite falls through the atmosphere. As for the two irons, they are about a quarter of an inch in diameter and may be meteorites or iron from the volcanic eruption.

This indicates that in Texas, dinosaurs walked making trackways, and then marine tidal impacts from the ocean covered their skeletons on top of their tracks with sediment containing marine shells. Then the water receded and a shower of volcanic rocks showered the bare surface. Then over hundreds of years soil formed over the surface. This volcanic material may have been caused by the impact, which would have caused volcanic eruptions.
Sep 6, 2007 - New research reveals a large asteroid breakup to be the likely source ... would later create the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula as well as ... and having characteristics similar to carbonaceous chondrite meteorites,...

For more information: Maria Martinez at (210) 522-3305, Communications Department, Southwest Research Institute, PO Drawer 28510, San Antonio, TX 78228-0510.
“At approximately 170 kilometers in diameter and having characteristics similar to carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, the Baptistina parent body resided in the innermost region of the asteroid belt when it was hit by another asteroid estimated to be 60 kilometers in diameter. This catastrophic impact produced what is now known as the Baptistina asteroid family, a cluster of asteroid fragments with similar orbits.

“The gradual spreading of the family caused many fragments to drift into a nearby "dynamical superhighway" where they could escape the main asteroid belt and be delivered to orbits that cross Earth’s path. The team's computations suggest that about 20 percent of the surviving multi-kilometer-sized fragments in the Baptistina family were lost in this fashion, with about 2 percent of those objects going on to strike the Earth, a pronounced increase in the number of large asteroids striking Earth.

“Support for these conclusions comes from the impact history of the Earth and Moon, both of which show evidence of a two-fold increase in the formation rate of large craters.

“The team then investigated the origins of the 180 kilometer diameter Chicxulub crater, which has been strongly linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Studies of sediment samples and a meteorite from this time period indicate that the Chicxulub impactor had a carbonaceous chondrite composition much like the well-known primitive meteorite Murchison.”

There should be fragments of the asteroid that hit the Yucatan Peninsula, but none have been reported. They claim all original material was vaporized. It appears there may be a conspiracy to suppress this information.

This report was on published on the Internet with no identification of the author on January 29, 2006. This web site no longer exists.

“A rock sample has been found that has been deemed a fragment of the original meteor responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. It's a unique impact melt from Chicxulub composed of terrestrial carbonates and andesites, as well as greater than 10% of the original chondrite meteor! The rock itself has been determined to be a melt bomb ejected from the initial impact event of Chicxulub. (Note: similar to tecktites and the fragments I discovered in Texas) It has been theorized that moments after the impact, the energy ejected material into low Earth orbit, where it has been preserved until orbital decay caused it to fall back to Earth. As such, this material is considered an Earth meteorite containing a large portion of the original meteor, which was previously thought to have been vaporized on impact. The presence of an extraterrestrial component is significant, for drill cores taken from Chicxulub show only trace evidence of the original bolide; much less than 1%. The rock contains many rare minerals, which includes larnite, magnesiowustite, etc. Larnite is an unusual calcium silicate, equivalent to the calcium end-member of olivine. Magnesiowustite is an extremely high-pressure iron mineral, thought to be found deep within Earth's mantle. If you would like more information then I invite you to read an online scientific manuscript presented as a masters thesis.”

This manuscript cannot be found. But notice these are the same elements I found near Glen Rose, Texas!

Dr. Carl Baugh told me the fragments I found could be fragments from Chicxulub crater. It has not been confirmed but it is believed the asteroid was iron, olivine and chondrite. And that it was only a fragment of the original asteroid that hit Yucatan peninsula. I believe that there were multiple impacts just like the one on Jupiter in 1994.

It is possible the Chicxulub impacter was a carbonaceous chondrite containing iron, and olivine. I believe all types of meteorites, asteroids, and comets are from a similar source.
There is no town of Franconia, Arizona, only an exit ramp from the highway 40 ... His first catch of the day is a small, moderately weathered black chondrite. It had been slightly buried in the sandy flats north of Interstate 40 ... perfect, and beautifully oriented 26-gram iron meteorite, sitting in the desert pavement.

I wonder if there is a connection to Meteor Crater, which is not to far away on the same Highway 40.

This article describes the discovery of a strewn field composed of carbonaceous chondrites and iron meteorites showing they are from the same source scattered over an area.

Comets do not produce impacts. They leave trails of meteoroids in their path which are so broken down into small rocks which never hit the ground. Only
large solid meteoroids with less volatile material reach the ground or produce craters.

Secular scientists tell people most impacts were millions of years ago, but true science and the Bible indicates they were only thousands of years ago when a swarm of large meteorites struck the earth and planets.

Today everyone agrees that there were world-wide catastrophes in the ancient past. However, those with different beliefs as explained above explain it differently and date it (or them) differently.  

The Atheists and the Spiritualists claim there were several catastrophes over millions of years. Christians claim it was mainly one major catastrophe about 5 thousand years ago (the Flood of Noah).

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