Friday, May 28, 2021

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       For those who are reading my book here you can order it and my second book Mysteries of History Revealed at Amazon. And I have two web sites: with 1249 articles about Prophecy in Current Events and what is going on in Washington DC, and about paranormal events. All from the Biblical viewpoint. I reveal the truth. Truth like you will never hear from the secular media controlled by the Antichrist’s Marxist New World Order conspiracy.


  1. See also: "Multifeature analyses of vascular cambial cells reveal longevity mechanisms in old Ginkgo biloba trees" and "RNA provides clues to explain longevity of ginkgo trees"
    Trees and people like Adam (from the Bible) that live ~1000 years attest to other facts about God's Creation of anti-entropic virucidal energy (sunlight) and humidity.

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