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No. 18 (Read in this order) Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 Chapter 4, Pages 154 - 165.

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The trouble is the vast majority of these reports are irrelevant to the Flood of Noah being Post-Flood, or are misidentified, or are disinformation spread by amateurs, and have not received any serious attention from scientists. As a result hard facts are hard to document. Just because an artifact is found in rock does not mean it is old.
Creation scientists refer to the petrified cowboy (A boot encrusted with limestone with un-petrified human foot bones inside) as an example of how fossils can form today, but this was not found inside rock. Fossils from these ancient cataclysms are not limestone encrustations. Also, this kind of modern ‘fossil’ can fool an amateur who mistakes it for a fossil from Noah’s Flood. Limestone encrustation on artifacts and fossils are not found in rock layers, which are mainly petrified by silicon impregnation and/or replacement. Other minerals that form fossils inside matrix rock are: calcite, pyrite, and hematite.

This is the case of the Coso California Spark Plug assumed to be millions of years old inside a nodule covered with freshwater shellfish. It was discovered to be a 1920s Champion spark plug encased in a rusted iron nodule. If it was genuine it would have been Post-Flood anyhow because it was found in an area near where fossil Post-Flood Pleistocene Ranch La Brean mammal bones are found in volcanic ash mixed sediment called bentonite.

The majority of fossils from the Flood are not preserved in encrusted non-volcanic limestone; they are in sedimentary rock, and petrified by silicon impregnation and other volcanic minerals in volcanic ash. No fossil formed today are known to be like the ones found in Flood deposited Mesozoic rock. Creationists have claimed fossils were formed in 1980 at Mt Saint Helens, but I have seen no evidence of petrifaction by silicon like those in the Morrison Formation’s volcanic ash. This is probably because they were not covered by water for a year like those in the Flood.

 Mammal one turned to agate by silicon impregnation. The original bone is preserved inside the natural glass called quartz with mineral coloration.
 Coral fossilized into agate then cut to show the interior.

 Typical agate dinosaur bone from the Jurassic Morrison Formation surrounded by a matrix of volcanic ash made of silicon.

A few artifacts have received attention, but some non-professional creationists and researchers have only muddied the water. There are lots of pseudo fossils discovered by people with no knowledge of geology/paleontology who show their one of a kind great discovery, to a scientist and he tells them it is not a fossil they go off accusing the scientist of being biased, or lying evolutionist. Like the lady who found a fossil dog. When she was told by a Los Angeles Museum of Natural History paleontologist that it was a limestone nodule, she went off in a huff saying anyone can see it is a Pekinese fossilized in the act of a half tail wag. Then there are genuine accounts of unexplained giants and other anomalous artifacts that disappear. One of my friends found a limestone nodule at Tuba City track site and claimed it was copralite, dinosaur manure. I trie to convince him that it was deferentially eroded limestone and not made of silicon he ignored me.

This is an agatized dinosaur coprolite manure cut in half .


Then there are the human skeletons found near Moab, Utah in strata dated as Early Cretaceous which is a Flood deposit, in a copper mine. They were assumed to be men in dinosaur strata which meant men who lived with the dinosaurs 

The bones were discovered by Lin Ottinger the discoverer of the dinosaur Iguanodon ottingeri as well as tracks believed to be pterosaur.

Ottinger gave me some of these flying reptile tracks. I went on dinosaur hunts with him. I got to hold the arm bone of Moab/Malecite Man and see the figure bones and photograph them. I noticed that the arm was too light to be fossilized like dinosaur bones. It was preserved bone covered by green copper oxide. It was claimed by some creationists as evidence that man and dinosaurs co-existed before the Flood. Lin Ottinger believes it is evidence of ancient man older than archaeologists claim, and that it and other skeletons discovered later were copper miners buried in a cave in. Ottinger does not believe it is evidence of man and dinosaur co-existing. I agree the fossilization is not the same and there are no dinosaurs found with these bones. These fossils are not Mongoloids like the Indians, they are Caucasian just like Kennewick Man in Washington, and the ancient burial found near El Centro in the desert outside San Diego California. Evidence indicates that the American Indians as well as the Anasazi, were not the first, they came hundreds of years later. The Paleo-Indians may have been Caucasians. And the black Phoenician Giants came before them.

 Above is Moab Man or Malecite Man Utah in dinosaur age rock. No dinosaurs were found here. And the bones are not fossilized.
Below is Kennewick Man Wshington with his reconstruction.


The Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas has revealed undisputed dinosaur and humanoid track ways when a flood uncovered them in 1908, triggered by the Tunguska meteorite explosion in Siberia that changed the weather causing worldwide storms that year.

 These apper to be human tracks, but there were none leading to them. However, they are now gone from erosion also. There is no trace of three toes here.
 This is the Delk Tracks found in 2000 in loose slab and appears to be genuine because it was originally covered by clay which revealed enough to identify it as a dinosaur track. Then when it was cleaned off the human track was revealed. The surface appears to be natural and not carved. An evolutionists have not been able to refute it.
 These two humanoid tracks were misidentified as human. But three dinosaur toes are clearly visible.

 This is a human tack accepted by evolutionists as genuine from Saudi Arabia. It is accepted because man existed in this strata according to evolutionists.
 Compaire the above track to this one called the Burdick Track. This is the one discovered in a rock shop and was sectioned to prove its authenticity an appeared to be genuine. Along with another slab with a dinosaur track, which looks like the dinosaur track a the Los Angeles Museum.

Ranchers in the area cut some of the tracks out and sold them during the depression and sold them. Some were dinosaur tracks. One of these is in the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. Others were giant humanoid tracks. Evolutionists claim the tracks were carved. If this is true, then why did they carve giant human tracks? The popular tracks were dinosaurs. Why would anyone want to buy a giant human track? Most people would assume it is a fake based on evolutionary assumptions. Even if these giant human tracks were carved they had to have a model, a real track! Why a giant track which is less believable? It appears there were real giant human tracks discovered which are no longer available. 

Since then, Glen Kuban has studied what John Morris reported in his book Tracking Those Incredible Dinosaurs and the Men Who Knew Them where Morris says there were elongate dinosaur tracks at the Shaky Spring site, Glen Kuban has pointed out that some of the humanoid tracks are these elongate dinosaur tracks. In fact, in some of the photos claimed to be human tracks in the Taylor Trail you can see the three dinosaur toes not highlighted by water. But then again there are some facts that remain unexplained. 

Today there is no clear evidence that there are human tracks here, but some of the trackways have had recent changes when a reddish stain appeared in some, and bluish coloration appeared in others. Is this natural, or sabotage? Research has not shown these colorations to be natural, but they still remain a mystery. Why did the Ryal’s Trail develop a reddish stain after 60 years exposure, while the newly excavated tracks become reddish at the same time? And when they drilled into these tracks, why didn’t they find this reddish material below the surface if it was infilling material?

Morris John D. 1986. The Paluxy River Mystery. Acts & Facts. 15 (1).

“…the best of which had since been carried away by a flood, others badly eroded. Some of these long-time residents maintained that a number of tracks of both man and dinosaur had been removed from the river during the depression, and sold. These claims were given credence by the circular holes in the river bottom from which prints had been taken--in some cases with prints of approximately human appearance still leading into and away from the holes.
“The trail might not have been called human if not for the hole from which a "perfect" print had reportedly been taken some 50 feet away. (From a recent study of Taylor's field notes; it is fairly certain that the prints near the hole were not a part of the Taylor Trail, as previously thought.”


Obviously, the residents who cut these out of the river would not ruin them by carving them into fake humanoid shapes. And they wouldn’t create fake tracks by cutting holes in the middle of real dinosaur trackways. Where are the holes they cut to create the fake tracks?

It appears there really are human trackways here, although some have been misidentified unusual dinosaur tracks walking plantigrade. Normally dinosaurs walked digitigrad on their toes, sometimes they walked or hunched down on their heel similar to a cat or rabbit’s hind foot creating elongate humanoid impressions with faint tridactyle toes identified by Kuban in the Taylor Trail.


Then in 2000 one member of the excavation team Alvis Delk (I was there at this dig), went off hunting and discovered a loose slab by the river and found a partially exposed Acrocanthosaurs theropod dinosaur track in it. He is like me always looking for fossils and other anomalies. In 2008 he had hospital bills and needed money, so he decided to sell the track to Dr. Carl Baugh. He was cleaning the clay marl off the limy sandstone to get to the track surface when he discovered a perfect human track on which the dinosaur stepped on top of. 

Baugh bought the track and had a CT scan made, and the X-ray images recorded the density of the different parts of the slab which matched the compression areas of both the dinosaur and human tracks. Also, a slice was made through the tracks which confirmed there were underprints where the layers of rock took on the shape of the feet and dipped down conforming to the shape of the tracks above it. This is a common practice in fossil ichnology to verify it is not erosion or a carving which would cut through the normal flat layers in shale or sandstone which contains laminations. These tracks also have surface features which cannot be faked by carving in the surrounding surface as well as inside the impressions not to mention the overlying clay.
So far no evolutionist has been able to prove this is a fake. Instead secular scientists have ignored the fossil, or used ridicule.


I sold casts on e-Bay of Archaeopteryx, both the Berlin and Eichstatt specimens, along with the chicken sized dinosaur skeleton of Copsognathus, and a Marine Reptile. I was attacked immediately, by evolutionists who tried every trick they could imagine to force me off e-Bay, because of the information that proves creation in the description of these fossils. They slandered me, they made up false accusations, they gave me bad ratings, they accused me of fraud, they lied, and they threatened me. They kept up unsuccessful attacks for 8 years. Meanwhile I sold hundreds of casts all over the world. Later, when I exposed the fact, that it was the Center for Science Education which was trying to stop me through their Center for Science Education’s Committees of Correspondence, the attacks abruptly stopped for a while. Then when I put a photo of the Delk Track on my e-Bay site, when I advertised my online newsletter Biblical Science News. Suddenly thousands of evolutionists visited my site but did not buy anything. Then e-Bay unexpectedly claimed I had broken their rules, and without explaining why, shut my site down. This was the second time they had shut me down. Similar attacks have occurred on Craigs List where I posted the Delk Track photo. And they still Delete some of my ads occasionally, for NO reason. When I send an angry e-mail they stoped for a while. Also, my Yahoo Group which carries my Biblical Science News with the Delk Track photo, developed an unexplained glitch which prevented me from uploading any blogs for months. They have also changed the Delk Track photo replacing it with a photo of the colorful castle domes in Russia. I moved on to write this book instead!


Glen Kuban is the main debunker of the Paluxy River man tracks. I had a debate with Glen Kuban (a member of the [atheist] Committees of Correspondence, and [theistic evolutionist] American Scientific Affiliation), in my Biblical Science News on January 20, 2013 and I mentioned these attacks.

Glen Kuban answered me:

“Last, although it is a side issue at best, do you have any evidence (such as a publication citation) to support your suggestion that you (or the Delk evidence - this was ambiguous in your comment) was attacked unfairly?”

Here he does not deny that the group he is a member of attacked me on eBay.
I answered that the reference is found in the Bill of Rights, Amendment I.
Kuban’s answer:
"Accordingly, and to their credit, none of the major creationist groups have supported the find” (the Delk Track).
I answered: “So you admit I was attacked by the Committees of Correspondence.” He stopped writing to me.
The majority never know the truth. Majority rule is rule by the lynch mob called Democracy. Science is being twisted to fit political agendas today under scientific consensus. This is where each scientist agrees to support whatever the majority deem to be the truth. This is why science in the past has rejected every major new discovery that contradicts current beliefs, until the evidence forces the majority to reluctantly accept the facts. Even creation scientists have been turning toward consensus science. Science is not based on majority rule; it should be based on the majority of proven facts!


A lecture by Michael Crichton, MD (October 23, 1942 - November 4, 2008) an American best-selling author, physician, producer, director, and screenwriter, spoke at Caltech Michelin Lecture on January 17, 2003. He is best know for his science fiction books, movies, and Jurrasic Park.

“I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had.”

“In recent years, much has been said about the post modernist claims about science to the effect that science is just another form of raw power, tricked out in special claims for truth-seeking and objectivity that really have no basis in fact.”

Crichton discusses the fact that Global Warming, Second hand smoke, some endangered species, speculation on the existence of aliens in space are all hoaxes supported for political propaganda reasons by government grants.

(Crichton gives an example of this) “Danish statistician, Bjorn Lomborg in 2001, wrote a book called The Skeptical Environmentalist.

 “The scientific community responded in a way that can only be described as disgraceful. In professional literature, it was complained he had no standing because he was not an earth scientist. His publisher, Cambridge University Press, was attacked with cries that the editor should be fired, and that all right-thinking scientists should shun the press. The past president of the AAAS wondered aloud how Cambridge could have ever "published a book that so clearly could never have passed peer review." (But of course the manuscript did pass peer review by three earth scientists on both sides of the Atlantic, and all recommended publication.) But what are scientists doing attacking a press? Is this the new McCarthyism—coming from scientists?”

“Worst of all was the behavior of the Scientific American, which seemed intent on proving the post-modernist point that it was all about power, not facts. The Scientific American attacked Lomborg for eleven pages, yet only came up with nine factual errors despite their assertion that the book was "rife with careless mistakes." It was a poor display featuring vicious ad hominem attacks, including comparing him to a Holocaust denier. The issue was captioned: "Science defends itself against the Skeptical Environmentalist." Really, science has to defend itself? Is this what we have come to?”

“When Lomborg asked for space to rebut his critics, he was given only a page and a half. When he said it wasn't enough, he put the critics' essays on his web page and answered them in detail. Scientific American threatened copyright infringement and made him take the pages down.”

“Further attacks since have made it clear what is going on. Lomborg is charged with heresy. That's why none of his critics needs to substantiate their attacks in any detail. That's why the facts don't matter. That's why they can attack him in the most vicious personal terms. He's a heretic.”

“Of course, any scientist can be charged as Galileo was charged. I just never thought I'd see the Scientific American in the role of mother church.

These tactics are described in the plan of the Illuminati called the Protocols.

 The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. - Bible Believers
In this instance, "Protocol" means minutes of the proceedings of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion. These Protocols give the substance of addresses ...
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Joe Taylor, has a museum in Texas and does paleontological work says the Delk Track is still considered genuine. Joe Taylor a friend of mine wrote an excellent book Giants Against Evolution. I object only to the fact that he uses The Book of Enoch for some ‘facts’ about the Nephilim.


Unlike Joe’s museum many other creation organizations/museums want to stay in good standing with the world just like the compromising lukewarm churches of today who want to be politically correct. The majority of people are usually wrong; right isn't determined by majority vote. Democracy is lynch mob rule; we were supposed to be a Republic under God’s laws found in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. At the Paluxy creationists got burned once by being too confident in the authenticity of fossil human tracks that were later identified as elongate dinosaur tracks in the Taylor Trail when further erosion revealed the three toes after excavation. But many of the original tracks appear to be genuine human tracks, along with the Delk Track.

I have covered many of the reports of artifacts claimed to be from the Flood of Noah. Very few have been found in Flood strata. And only a few of these appear to be genuine. But according to the Bible and the remaining evidence proves the Flood was a worldwide, recent event. Outside the evidence of these meager artifacts, the evidence is overwhelming as seen in other chapters of this book. Apparently, creation scientists have been looking in the wrong places for humans and their artifacts. The dinosaurs were not buried early in the Flood they surviving for weeks or months leaving their tracks behind. Man and his artifacts were already buried by this time. Also, man was the main target, God did not want man to find and recreate this wicked civilization and their technology.
You will ask: What about the Tuba City, Arizona humanoid tracks found with Early Jurassic Dilophosaur dinosaur tracks of which you were the senior field and library researcher for the Creation Research Society project and did most of the writing?
From the beginning I held the viewpoint that we needed to approach this research from an unbiased neutral viewpoint to seek the truth. We were not there to prove they were or were not human tracks, for my part I was there to prove WHAT they were. I insisted that we refer to the features as humanoid, putative, or human-like; but never refer to them as human tracks until we had proven it beyond a doubt. It would have been easy to maintain that we had indeed found absolute proof that man and dinosaur walked together, but that would not be objective science, and would have fooled a lot of people who trusted us. I do not believe that this is the way God wanted us to support the truth. If we could prove they were genuine, that would be great. But what if the humanoid features are not human tracks? Then we needed to show the world that creation scientists can be objective and unbiased in their conclusions.
Secular scientists are often dishonest, and promote speculation as science and receive grants for their work. Those supporting Global Warming are an example. And phony endangered species given a political scientific sounding name to declare a common animal is unique so the government can steal private land. Or using government grants to pretend to research some useless subject. Or create inventions that have no practical purpose paid for by grants and taxes. Many scientists have become science fiction writers funded by the government. Paleontologists find fossil terrestrial birds and dinosaurs with spicules and falsely claim they are feathered dinosaurs with proto-feathers supporting political agendas. The majority of ornithologists, bird experts do not believe birds came from dinosaurs because they are anatomically totally different. Some paleontologists cannot tell the difference between a dinosaur and a canary!
I have been asked to co-author a book supporting the Tuba City human track theory in 2015, and I asked for my name to be removed. I feel our work there is done.
Update: Paul Rosnau and John Arend have come out with the book on Tuba 2016: Where Genesis People Faced Dinosaurs: An Adventure in Paleontological Research.  

It is well done and contains my photographic mosaic drawing of the assumed tracks, and trackways at site 2. And it contains my photographs with my hand and foot in the picture when I discovered the impression with toe prints, and the hand print over from the mounds in the flat layer where I discovered many dinosaur trackways, credited to Ed Back. The discovery of the hand print was credited to Ed Back and is said to be a human hand print. Wrong, I discovered it, and there are no human tracks here, only small Dilophosaur tracks. The hand does fit my hand as shown in the photo in his book, including a thumb. But there are claws at the end of each fingure. And I discovered that Dilophosaur they believe had five figure-like digits on its arm confirming this.
Several people have found what appeared to be fossil human tracks among the dinosaur tracks near Tuba City Arizona, and in the mounds of sandstone for many years. The Navajos who give tours of the real dinosaur tracks in the flat track layer just off Highway 160 to Tuba City have encouraged the rumor that there are human tracks here. However, no dinosaur tracks have been found in the mounds where all these humanoid features are found, only one single humanlike child's ‘track’ was found in the flat track layer with the dinosaur trackways, which is below the crossbeded mounds. This flat surface dinosaur track layer goes for miles covered by a thin layer of green, purple, grey volcanic ash on top of hundreds of theropod tridactyle dinosaur tracks (ichnofossil name Grallator made by Dilophosaur). Some of the mounds above the tracks do contain some conglomerate containing petrified bones some of which are dinosaurs; this is where the first Dilophosaur dinosaur skeletons were found. These are surrounded by articulated Unio freshwater clams, but only nodules of limey sandstone produce odd track like impressions in the overlying mounds and they are continually eroding and are not in a surface layer.
The track-like features in the mounds have many odd features that sometimes look like tracks of dinosaurs, men, and other animals. But from my research after seeing thousands of genuine tracks of all kinds, I find these impressions are formed by differential erosion of grey nodules in the sandstone, as well as fluid tunneling which often produce root like inclusions of lighter colored sandstone that go up and down and erode on the surface into what looks like elongate impressions in a trackway. When the contents of these tunnels are completely eroded onto the surface they leave slightly harder grey root-like white sandstone sometimes having spikes coming out of them. It is possible intrusive groundwater produced these inclusions. In some areas we have found track-like features close together, some in stride, but never consistent enough in appearance, stride, or size to prove it is a true trackway. None of them are clear identical track impressions. The side by side Classic tracks are the most dramatic, but there are no tracks leading to or away. During my research observations I saw how different angles of light can play tricks on our mind when we see what we want to see, but when the angle of light is changed the track-like impression also changes. The Classic Print is a classic example of this; it looks like two identical tracks side by side with a shoe heels in that angle of light in one photograph early in the morning when I discovered the left 'track' which could not be seen because it is buried by infilling I thought. This looked similar to some Coconino fossil 'reptile' tracks that remained filled with the overlying layer in some of the trackway.
I see the same fallacy in the research of those who see the Face on Mars with pyramids that look nothing like those in Egypt due to the angle of the light as explained by NASA. They look different in changes in sun angle.
In Rosnau's book he shows and discusses the 'boat' impression he discovered, that he claims landed on these mounds, which he interprets as an island where people and dinosaurs escaped the flood water in the Moenkopi wash. Geology shows that the Moenkopi Wash was not here then, it was produced after the Flood when the Colorado River was cut through the Colorado Plateau. The mounds are water deposited crossbeded sand on top of volcanic ash on top of the dinosaur trackways. They were never an island.
This track research is important because there are other places where these kinds of rock formations have produced pseudo humanoid track-like features which have fooled people. We need to be aware of this. Our work also shows how research should and can be done in an unbiased scientific manner revealing the truth instead of preconceived conclusions. I know that dinosaurs and humans did live at the same time before and after the Flood because I believe in God’s Word and my observations have confirmed this fact. Tuba is not evidence of man and dinosaur; it is differential erosion of nodules. 
 This comes from my books. Help this ministry/research order my books from , also send order ($15 per book) or donations to Jeremy Auldaney, 3410 La Sierra Ave. - F255, Riverside, Ca 92503.  See my newsletter at and Facebook Biblical Science News, and Auldaney. Write to:

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