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No. 15 (Read in this order) Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 Chapter 3 , Pages 120 - 131.

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 SS Wernher von Braun, VRIL Physicist Dr. Willi Ley, Walt Disney and Dr. E. Heinz Haber, Another Project PAPERCLIP Nazi-VRIL Rocket Physicist.


Hitler was working on creating Superman. He wanted to recreate the Nephilim who ruled the earth before the Flood. After World War II most Nazis scientists came to the United States and continued their research in animal/human hybrids, rockets, mind control, inertial propulsion vehicles, and genetic engineering in places like Area 51 as operation Paper Clip. This included Wernher Von Braun who was the leader of this group of German and American aerospace engineers and space architect who produced a documentary for Walt Disney’s television program. Disney was a Mason and illegitimate son of an Illuminati Family, just like the founder of McDonald’s.
Von Braun was Hitler’s main researcher in arrow space research. He came to the Institute of Technology in Pasadena after WW II. The descendants of the people at Babel still want to reach into space.  

Remembering a Former Caltech Rocket Scientist and Science Nov 4, 2009.

Qian Xuesen created the Chinese space program.

China’s keystone space scientist Qian Xuesen, widely acclaimed as the country’s “father of space technology” and “king of rocketry”, died of illness here Saturday morning at the age of 98.
In 1956, based on Qian’s position paper on the country’s defense and aviation industry, the central government set up an aviation industry committee, which later became the leading organization for China’s missile and aviation programs.
“Qian Xuesen came to the United States to study aeronautical engineering at MIT and CalTech. He helped the U.S. military develop jet-assisted takeoff technology during World War II, and became the founding director of Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. The United States even sent Xuesen to Germany to help interrogate Nazi scientists, including famed rocket scientist Wernher von Braun who went on to help found the U.S. space program
Qian Xuesen worked with Jack Parson’s who was the founder of CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL, NASA’s main research organization). Jack Parsons was Aleister Crowley’s right hand man at the Masonic Ordo Templi Orientis in Pasadena. Crowley was the main organizer for the revival of witchcraft at this time. This secret society was bringing together all satanic traditions for the New World Order. This is the same identical thing Albert Pike did the century before Crowley."

Note: The two main organizations producing new electronic technology like holograms (images projected into empty space that look like real objects) are Disney and NASA. Sound can be projected also and only the person it is aimed at can hear it. And it can be made to come from any direction.

 Symbols of the Ordo Templi Orientis.  Notice the Knights Templar Illuminati red cross. The Satanic Dove used by some churches to represent the Holy Spirit but actually represent the Unholy Spirit of the Goddess. And the Egyptian All Seeing Eye of Horus son of Nimrod the Sun god 666.

Notice Gnostic, meaning Pagan Knowledge of evil learned by Adam when he disobeyed God, with the Catholic False Prophet, and the symbol of the Knights Templars. Although officially founded at the beginning of the 20th century as the, O.T.O. it represents a resurfacing and confluence of the divergent streams of Satanic wisdom and knowledge scattered after Babel, which were divided and driven underground by Christian doctrine spread by Jesus disciples.  It shows the cup of fornication used by the whore of Babylon who rides the Dragon the Antichrist. There is a French Merovingian Illuminati Fleur de Lis on the spear of world destiny.

I have noticed that the Satanic Movement tends to portray the Satanic UnHoly Spirit going down, while the Christian Dove is always upright going Up. Like the black triangle pointing down is satanic trinity, and the white triangle pointing up is the Christian trinity. This battle symbolized by the six pointed star over Yerusalem.

 Is this Satanic?

The flaming Dragon Bird of Baal, the UnHoly Spirit of the occult Charismatic Evangelical tongues Movement.

 Below represents true the Holy Spirit of God.

This picture above comes from If I met the Pope what would I do?

She says, Well, I know some things I wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t genuflect or kiss his ring. I wouldn’t call him Your Holiness or Holy Father. (Author: All condemned by God in the Bible.) I wonder how he’d take that? He’d probably be okay with it. I would treat him with honor and respect as a fellow human being and one with great influence and responsibility. And then, because my brain goes into sleep mode whenever I’m nervous, and meeting anyone important makes me nervous, I would refer him to my series on why I left the Catholic Church and politely make my apologies and leave.


History » US Grand Lodge - Ordo Templi Orientis

“Although officially founded at the beginning of the 20th century e.v., O.T.O. represents a surfacing and confluence of the divergent streams of esoteric wisdom and knowledge which were originally divided and driven underground by political and religious intolerance during the dark ages. It draws from the traditions of the Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminist movements of the 18th and 19th centuries, the crusading Knights Templars of the middle ages and early Christian (Author’s Note: Combining Pagonism with Christianity) Gnosticism and the Pagan Mystery Schools. Its symbolism contains a reunification of the hidden traditions of the East and the West, and its resolution of these traditions has enabled it to recognize the true value of Aleister Crowley’s revelation in The Book of the Law.”

Jesus and then the disciples drove witchcraft underground and witches are angry and want to bring it back to our modern world. The Philip IV also drove it underground again on Friday Oct. 13, 1307. Jesus said one of the signs of his coming would be the revival of the Mysteries of Isis the queen of Babylon. Isn’t it odd Islam would use the name ISIS for their revolution to create an Islamic New World Order! It is also odd that Obama will not use the term. ISIS is a competing movement against the Crusader Catholic Knights Templers the Illuminati who also plan to create the New World Order. Both of these are manned by lineages mixed with Nephilim bloodlines. 

Crowley and Parsons were trying to create a Nephilim offspring called the moon child through sex ritual magick to create bodies for Demonic Spirits for the New World Order. They were trying to create the Antichrist and Nephilim. Jack Parson’s was at Caltech and in communication with Wernher Von Braun. Jack Parsons experimented with explosives to create rockets and later founded Jet Propulsion Laboratory (An extension of CalTech, in the area where he performed his experiments in Arroyo Seco Creek. He eventually perfected the liquid rockets they used to reach the moon which was the dream of the Nephilim at the Tower of Babel. Parsons also worked for the military to perfect explosives for the war, he was killed by an explosion in his Pasadena laboratory in 1952. 

Earlier in the winters of 1931, 32, and 33 Albert Einstein was at CalTech to teach and to give prestige to the organization to get away from the cold winters back east. CalTech is where many of our greatest physicists studied before and after and still do. And most of them are Jews. Einstein was an Ashkenazi Jew. CalTech was designed like a medieval monastery no doubt by Masons. 

Einstein met astronomer/physicists Richard Chase Tolman and Edwin Powell Hubble (A Jew) and they convinced Einstein that the universe was not static, but expanding. The Bible is the key to all knowledge.

 This is a picture from a YouTube video I took of the house where Einstein stayed while in Pasadena.

The Bible says he was right the universe was expanded by God when he created it in one 24 hour day.

Job 9:8

“8 Which alone spreadeth out the heavens,
and treadeth upon the waves of the sea.”

Jeremiah 10:12

“12 He hath made the earth by his power,
he hath established the world by his wisdom,
and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.”

 Psalm 104:2

“2 Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment:
who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain:”

A garment of light also covered Adam and Eve before they sinned.

Every society around the world has a flood legend proving a common source. Artifacts around the world are identical. Stone tools, slicks, pestles, manos, metates, and mortars for grinding food are made by American Indians along with bows and arrows, knives of flint using siliceous rock, and I have seen identical artifacts from the Middle East. This indicates that people were scattered from one source, Babel. Their religions are different interpretations of Sun worship, the Mysteries of Isis whose founder was the queen of Babel Semiramis, from Babel all people were scattered.


I noticed native flood legends become more distorted and more numerous the further you get from Iraq and Mt. Ararat in Turkey, supporting the Bible’s statement that Tower of Babel (A ziggurat) in Iraq was their origin. The more times a story is told the greater the distortion and variations, this indicates that all the Flood legends originated from the Mesopotamian area. The further away the less they match the area of origin. The gaff below shows this fact.

This same evidence that points to Babel has been used to support the idea that Atlantis was a real civilization. This is a deception. Atlantis is the occult word for the Pre-Flood world destroyed in the Flood that now lies on the continental shelves under the ocean, which was being rebuilt at Babel. All historical and archaeological evidence for Atlantis points to Babel.

The oldest known cultures built megalithic cities and structures all over the world after the Flood. This culture is a mystery. The best and most are mainly concentrated in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Middle America. Some of the best preserved were reinhabited later by ancient Mayan, Incan, Aztec, Anasazi, Nazca, etc cultures. The structures were built before the native peoples arrived. All native people around the world say a race of Giants built the original megalithic structures before they arrived. The most information is from Tiahuanaco, because it has received the most attention from researchers.

 The Baalbekstone the largest carved stone in the world estimated at 1,000 tonnes. At the ancient city of Baalbek in Lebenon, named after the early Canaanite deity the sun god Baal 666 Satan. This was in Nimrod's territory at the time of the Ziggurat of Babel.
 Megalithic ruins in South America after the Nephilim were scattered from Babel.


R. Cedric Leonard The Baalbek of the New World Tiahuanaco, The Mysterious City - Quest for Atlantis

“Tiahuanaco is in the Bolivian Andes lying 12,500 feet (over 2 miles) above sea-level. It is located 12 to 15 miles from the shores of Lake Titicaca. Some researchers in archeology in general date the city at 200 A.D., but it was not always so. Its first investigator, Professor Arthur Posnansky, a Polish engineer dedicated fifty years to its study, dated its origins to 15,000 B.C. As we shall see, this date is based on the convergence of several varieties of physical and astronomical data.”

 This is the Gate of the Sun in Brazil. Ancient Sumerian religion cried for the death of Tammuz the son of the sun god Nimrod in Mesopotamia. This is a crying god carved here surrounded by winged creatures at Tiahuanaco.
Here is the wall of many faces at Tiahuanaco representing different people groups similar to Babel where all nationalities were scattered from.

The 15 thousand year date in the quote above is incorrect; the earth itself is only 6 thousand according to the Bible. This may have been a Pre-Flood city that was re-inhabited during the Post-Flood, but it is most likely Post Flood about 4 to 5 thousand years old or less from the biblical viewpoint.


Published: March 12, 1987 The New York Times

“Scientists have found fossils of whales and other marine animals in mountain sediments in the Andes, indicating that the South American mountain chain rose very rapidly from the sea.”

“The rare assemblage of fossils, recovered on an expedition by the American Museum of Natural History to a remote plateau in southern Chile, is expected not only to illuminate an obscure epoch of animal evolution but also to document the rise of the Andes Mountains in the past 15 million years.”

“Among the fossils the scientists reported bringing back were the bones of whales and other marine animals found at altitudes of more than 5,000 feet. (Note: 7,500 feet below Tiahuanaco) When these animals died from 15 million to 20 million years ago, their carcasses settled to the ocean floor and were embedded in submarine sediments. But since then, the violent upthrusting of the Andean chain has carried the sediments to the tops of mountains. In geological terms, the time the fossils took to rise from ocean floor to mountain top was relatively brief.”

I would suggest it was much briefer than that and not so long ago, the mountains rose after the Flood about 2000 BC! And some secular scientists unintentionally support this fact. And the carcasses did not sink to the bottom of a sea; they were deposited in ocean incursions buried in sediment from tsunami impacts, similar to whales in Bakersfield which were deposited, then covered by volcanic ash.


Mountain Ranges Rise Much More Rapidly than Geologists Expected by, Carmala Garzione, from issue of Science associate professor of geology at the University of Rochester, New York.
Science 6 June 2008: Vol. 320 no. 5881 pp. 1304-1307
DOI: 10.1126/science.1148615  Rise of the Andes

“Garzione and her colleagues show that with the addition to their new findings, a broad range of geologic indicators, including the history of folding and faulting, erosion, volcanic eruptions, and sediment accumulation suggests a hotly debated tectonic process called delamination likely at work, says Garzione. Delamination has been proposed for decades, Garzione says it has been controversial because mechanical models of mountain building have a hard time reproducing it, and, until the new findings, there has been a lack of reliable paleoelevation measurements.”

She says Delamination Theory suggests mountains may experience a "growth spurt" that can double their heights in as little as less than four million years—several times faster than the prevailing evolutionary/uniformitarian tectonic theory suggests. When oceanic and continental plates collide, geologists believe the crust buckles upthrusting mountains. Beneath the mountains, the folding compacts and creates a heavy, high-density "root" that slows the upthrust.
Conventional tectonic theory Based on Uniformitarian slow process theory says that convection movement in the fluid mantle slowly erodes this root, allowing mountains to gradually rise with a slow continual process.

Dalamination theory does not fit with Uniformitarianism theory which is the foundation of Darwin’s evolution theory, since most scientists resist anything that undermines evolution; they resist delamination theory. According to delamination theory, instead of eroding slowly, the root heats up and oozes downward like molasses until it abruptly breaks free and melts in the hot fluid mantle. The mountain above, breaks free of the weight, and suddenly rises as in the case of the Andes, from a height of less than two kilometers to about four kilometers in less than 4 million theoretical years. Actually, this took place over hundreds of years, and upthrusts were sudden and produced worldwide earth quakes and volcanic eruptions, and massive tidal waves, geologic evidence of which I have observed.


Of course she does not mention that the ancient megalithic city of Tiahuanaco was already a sea port on top of this mountain range before it rose! The evidence indicates this occurred after the Flood about 4 to 5 thousand years ago in the Cenozoic and the mountains rose much more rapidly than evolutionists can admit. Mountain ranges around the world show this same pattern about the time of Peleg when the earth was rapidly divided resulting from the upthrusting by subterranean waters stored inside the earth under pressure as described by Dr. Walter Brown’s hydroplate theory. This pressurized water pushed the plates on each side apart at the mid Atlantic Ridge and forced the limey ooze at the bottom of the ocean up onto the dry land to form limestone layers with marine fossils carried inland by continent crossing tsunamis resulting from worldwide earth quakes during the first few months of the Flood. Then mountains began to rise but were flattened at the end of the Flood by draining water. Then over 700 years later the mountains which had been eroded to the ground began to rise again. This is how the brochure from Mitchel’s Caverns described the events at Providence Mountains. My research indicates another series of asteroids struck the earth about 2000 BC causing these upheavals.

Technical papers on geology are very tedious to understand. Along with the fact that most scientists try to avoid anything that might support creation they often bury such facts in gobbledygook and technical terms only they can understand, so they can twist the conclusions when necessary. But with a lot of perseverance, facts can be found. Removing all the assumed dating and evolutionary interpretations we find that most historical geology shows that generally during the Mesozoic, mountains started to rise, then were eroded, sometimes to granitic bedrock in coastal areas like California, apparently when the Flood left the land as the continents rose. This is why plateaus and dinosaur bones are extremely rare in California. Then they suddenly rose once again after the Flood, during the Cenozoic mainly the Pliocene and Pleistocene orogenies producing more volcanoes replacing volcanoes erased during the Flood runoff. We know that when a solid surface breaks and folds it is under pressure for a long time, then suddenly breaks and moves. Earthquakes are proof of this. Mountains are part of this; they cannot move slowly over many years, they move suddenly, just like small orogenic events like earthquakes are not slow events. Mountains do not form over millions of years; even evolutionists agree that they formed during orogenic events. Pressure produces some tiny movement continually, but this is not what formed the mountains, valleys, and faults.

Information below from: Professor Arthur Posnansky, Tiahuanacu: The Cradle of American Man, Ministry of Education, La Paz, Bolivia, 1957, volume III p. 192.


Tiahuanaco or Tiwanaku appears to be a seaport according to Posnansky, 1945, but the nearest body of water is Lake Titicaca, some 12-15 miles away (the distance depends on the level of the lake). At one time the lake reached Tiahuanaco.

The rock cliffs near the piers and wharfs of the port-like area are yellow-white calcareous deposits forming straight strand lines, marking previous ancient water levels. Since water only produces a level mark, and these ancient shorelines are tilted, showing the earth was disturbed by a giant earthquake. The ruins consist of giant stones tossed about by massive earthquakes. The surrounding area is covered with millions of fossil marine sea-shells. It appears, from the tilting of the ancient shoreline striations and the abundant presence of fossil oceanic flora and fauna, that a tremendous uplift of land took place sometime in the ancient past. Geologists estimate that this happened roughly around 100 million years ago; but the data gathered from archeological and astronomical investigations indicate it was much more recent. My research indicates it was around 2000 BC plus minus 500 years

Today Tiahuanaco is more than two miles above sea level, yet the area around Lake Titicaca is littered with hundreds of millions of fossil marine sea shells. This proves the whole of the Altiplano was forced upwards from sea level 12 thousand 500 feet, perhaps part of the general terrestrial rise of the South America continent. When it rose it carried ocean water, and living marine creatures with it, to the top of the Andean mountains.  

Despite the supposed antiquity of this event, Lake Titicaca has retained, until recently, ‘a marine fauna’, its fish and crustacea include many oceanic (as opposed to freshwater) types. These marine creatures have been found in fishermen’s nets. Polansky reported in 1943 the discovery of a specimen of a marine seahorse from the lake, the sample is now at the Museum Tiwanaku identified as Hippocampus titicacanesis (the seahorse) (Tiahuanacu, J. J. Augustin, New York, 1945, volume I, p. 28.) A photo of this seahorse and info at this web site:

There is only one specimen and it is a Holotype (One of a kind from unknown species) and it is the only known freshwater sea horse, however, fishermen say they have seen others. Some marine life can adapt to fresh water, others survive for a while. As for being an unknown species, this is probably because it was found in fresh water unlike other species – it is probably the same as any other salt water seahorse.

Polansky’s 1943 specimen from the lake Titicaca, the sample at the Museum Tiwanaku labelled as Hippocampus titicacanesis (pictured above) is proof that there was a freshwater seahorse.

Heiko Bleher the writer for says, "Something strange happened during my last visit. I climbed the highest island in the lake and at nearly 4,600m/15,000’ above sea level met a man claiming to be 120 years old and he recognized my photograph immediately, saying: “Yes, it lives here”. He explained where he had seen it a long time ago, but the location was on my unexplored Peruvian end of this lake and I had no time to investigate as my flight out was due next day."

The claim that marine fish have been found here in Titicaca has been disputed of course, no doubt because it contradicts evolution theory, and they are rare. Lake Titicaca is fresh water lake, and the sea horse is a salt water animal. With a little research I could find no freshwater sea horse. Graham Hancock claims the claim that marine fish have been found here is a myth. But he is going on recent observations; it is likely the marine fish have died out since 1943, besides any evidence discovered would have been suppressed over time because of its controversial nature in opposition to evolution. It like soft tissue and Carbon 14 in dinosaurs proves the lake is not 100 million years old, but rather 4 thousand years old!


Bolivian Rose Salt company gives us some more evidence on their Gourmet Salt

“One of the most naturally pure salts in the world, Rose Salt was deposited 2,000 meters (6500 feet, which is 5500 feet below Tiahuanaco!) above sea level in the Bolivian Andes more than 3 million years ago and has been preserved untouched underneath a layer of ancient lava ever since.”

This salt came from Lake Titicaca by rivers flowing from it creating the largest salt planes in the world. By the way mountains do not go up and down, earth either sinks or rises, and does not reverse.

This indicates that the ocean covered much of the Andes mountains leaving salt behind buried by a volcanic upheaval, no doubt when the mountains rose. Before this, Tiahuanaco was built on top of it at sea level.

Lehi Never Saw Mesoamerica published November 30, 2009

DowDell contradicts Hancock and the evolutionists:

“Lake Titicaca was raised up from sea level, no doubt around 2000 years ago (about the time the Sea East disappeared from mention in the Land of Promise). (Author’s Note: 4000 years ago.) Then all of the original sea water content was drained from the lake after 1343 years. It was replaced by fresh water from the five river systems of the high Andes, and over two dozen small rivers and streams. The lake is now midway into the second retention period (or flushing) and still retains a little of the original salt residue from the first retention period.”


The Land of Promise is in Israel. DowDell has just shown that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah observed by Abraham (who lived during the lifetime of Peleg) which ripped open the hart of Africa from top to bottom also forced up the Andes Mountains in South America, which no doubt was the same time the San Andres Fault built the mountain barrier ranges in Southern California and buried the whales in Bakersfield! This cataclysm formed Miocene marine deposits from Alaska to Mexico along the coast.

DowDell is a Mormon researcher in support of their doctrines which I do not support; however, he at least doesn’t have the evolutionary long age bias in this case. The fact is the lake was salt water at one time if it rose from the sea, and therefore no doubt did support marine life till it died out, and not very long ago.

New World Encyclopedia says:

The formation of the Andes began in the Jurassic period, but it was during the Cretaceous Period that the Andes began to take their present form, by the uplifting.”

This is contradicted by the Post-Flood whales, and lack of Cretaceous fossils.

And says:

“The Andes began their rise about 34 million to 65 million years ago.”

I have explained that the mountains began to rise during the Flood but were leveled as the water receded, then rose again after the Flood in Peleg’s days which matches the corrected evolutionist’s Post Mesozoic dates.

Obviously, the secular scientists are not sure about the date. Relatively speaking the 34 million date is more logical, which would be interpreted as about 4 thousand years ago Post Flood. However, 65 million would place it as right after the Flood and there would be no time for Tiahuanaco to have been built after the Flood.

R. Cedric Leonard The Baalbek of the New World Tiahuanacu:

“The conventional practice of dating Tiahuanacu as beginning c. 200 A.D. and collapsing c. 1000 A.D. started with Wendell Bennett's excavations, which turned up numerous examples of pottery, small statues and other artifacts. Since it is common for later arrivals to be awed by massive ruins (sometimes attributing their origin to supernatural beings, thus replicating the "sacred" images on their own pottery and textiles), I think it is a mistake to fuse the two cultures into one, implying that the later arrivals were the same people who built the original ruins. I believe Bennett and his successors are all guilty of such an error.”

I agree I have observed the fact that many of these ancient ruins are made up of huge megalithic blocks all over the world of stone weighing many tons, and then smaller cruder blocks are placed on top of them later, shows there were two different occupations. 

The largest megalithic stone in the world is at Baalbek weighing 730 tons in Lebanon where Gilgamesh got trees for his trading business. This along with the fact that natives worldwide say giants (Nephilim) built them before their arrival, appears to show that these ruins were built by giants long before the native peoples who lived there later and tried to restore these ruins in ancient times. These surface ruins are not Flood ruins or they would be buried in rock. These giants existed before the Phoenicians (1500 to 300 BC) and a remnant may have existed with them later. The Phoenicians were world travelers and traders (between 1200 BC and 900 BC) hundreds of years before the Vikings discovered America.

  The Vikings acquired the ship building knowledge from the Phoenicians, which Eric the Red used to be the first to sail west from Iceland in 985 or 986 AD to an island he named Greenland. His son, Leif Ericsson, continued his father's explorations and in the year 1000 or 1001 AD sailed southwest from Greenland to the islands off the coast of northern Canada and later, to the shores of Newfoundland just north of the United States.

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  1. Incredibly loaded! These German scientist were even more force to cooperate with in the 'Land of Free', I bare no ill to Von Braun, director of Space Flight Center of NASA. He was pressured in the SS brain division title, and even converted to Christianity later on.
    "I find it difficult to understand that science does not recognize the presence of a superior being behind the existence of the universe as a theologian who would deny the advances of science"

  2. I am not convinced Von Braun was converted. After he worked for Hitler he worked with Disney and NASA. Both of these are run by the Illuminati. Disney was a Mason, and his company is run by Masons. NASA is the modern version of the Tower of Babel.

    Von Braun may have worked with the Satanist Jack Parsons the founder of JPL and Aerospace. And Parsons worked with Aleister Crowley who worked to organize all occult groups under the Illuminati.

    1. However I hope you are right about Von Braun's conversion.

  3. Some of the facts need researching - again.
    Horus was the son of Osiris not Nimrod.
    "Eric the Red used to be the first to sail west from Iceland in 985 or 986 BC to an island he named Greenland. His son, Leif Ericsson, continued his father's explorations and in the year 1000 or 1001 BC sailed" - spot the chronology fail.

    1. You are wrong. Most people do not realize these pagan gods (i.e. Nephilim bloodlines) have several names after the scattering from Babel. And the New World Order Conspiracy does not want you to know the truth. Osiris was the Egyptian name for Nimrod. Yes I have noted that, there was a typo of B.C. rather than A.D. but to correct it would require a complete revising. So bear with me.

    2. I have corrected the typo from BC to AD in my online version. And thank you for drawing my attention to this error. And what I meant above is I cannot change this in the print version.